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    We are looking to possibly start a cross registered crew with the troop to accommodate older youth and young men, as well as possibly female siblings. Am really very unclear on how the “age” change fits into the picture. Understand that “adult” status is 18, but it is really fuzzy how that affects the 18-21 bracket in Venturers. Obviously need YP and an adult app; how much time allowed to meet that after the actual birthday. How does it affect the young adult leadership? Not much I can find on Thanks.

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    We’re all “winging it” with this one. The most important question to be answered is what position code should be entered on the adult app? I would start collecting applications on all of my 18+ year-olds now, but I don’t want to cause headaches for our registrar.

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    Bill Nelson

    It was announced that this will not go into effect until some time next year and does not affect this years recharter. I would not do anything nor get anyone worried until official word is sent to the councils. You are apt to cause more trouble than you would be alleviating.

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    Agreed that no action can be taken now. I would like to think that there would be a workable plan in place and that all applications would be collected by 2105 rechartering (I.e. Dec. 2015 for many units.)

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    Embrace the struggle. Goals and acpmtclishoenms are great, but they exist in the future and in the past. As such, they are beyond our immediate senses. But to struggle, to work, and to overcome, that’s the joy of here and now. You can taste it. You can feel it. I’ve been a Lakers fan for 38 years. I’ll take this kind of WCC over last year’s any day. This reminded me of the 2002 WCC over a similar Kings team that was defiant, confident, and immensely skilled. Or the 1988 WCC over the Mavs in 7 games, sandwiched between 7 game brawls with Utah and Detroit. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward.

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    – Mandie, it was a blast having you along! Love the first one you are seosruily awesome. And Lisa and Rick? Well, they just made our job easy!

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    Thanks for the feedback Christine. I’m hesntait to say whether or not it is easy, since people experience difficulty differently. CLC regularly hosts guided walks for school groups with young kids and public events where people walk up to the falls. The trail map has topographic lines.

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