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      This is a loaded one.
      Newish parent here, father of a second year scout.

      The past two weeks, our Scoutmaster has been absent from the troop meeting. We all lead busy lives, and I sympathize that he can’t always be there. *But*, the Scouts, Committee and Parents were not notified of his absence. A couple dads were privately/secretly requested to watch over the meeting, again without notice to the Troop members and families. Our Troop does not have an active Asst Scoutmaster. Clearly we need one, but that is in progress.

      This doesn’t feel right. Am I out of line to think that the Troop community should expect to know when the Scoutmaster is not available? Is it OK that a few untrained parents are supervising Troop meetings?

      Same question for campouts…. I have chaperoned more than one campout that the Scoutmaster did not attend, again without prior notice to the Troop community, and in the company of untrained parent leaders.

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      It sounds like an issue that should be discussed with your troop committee.

      Ideally the Scoutmaster should be at all (or most) of the troop meetings, but that is not always realistic. Does the entire troop community have to be notified if the Scoutmaster is not going to be at a meeting? No. But his assistants, committee members, SPL and probably ASPL should be notified so the meeting can continue as planned.

      Additionally, your troop should have more than one Assistant Scoutmaster.

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      What does ASM in progress mean? The SM needs to have at least one ASM he can trust to run the program. I travel a lot for work and as a Scoutmaster its hard to work around every troop meeting but when I do miss I only inform the ASM and my SPL.

      The best solution is to volunteer to take the training and offer your time to be ASM. Thats is the only role of one of my 2 ASMs – support the SPL when I am not there.

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      Dave Lumerman

      It seems to me some of these dads need to step up to become Assistant Scoutmasters. Since the boys are supposed to plan and run the program, the ASM or SM’s main responsibility at the meetings is health and safety (and to make sure the Senior Patrol leader is actually doing the job).

      I don’t think I could run my program with only 1 assistant scoutmaster, event though week to week they don’t do a ton at the meeting.

      We are lucky in that respect that we have about 5 assistant scoutmasters, and if one of them can’t come to a meeting it doesn’t affect the program.

      Truth be told though, in my 6 years as scoutmaster I can count on 1 hand the number of troop meetings I’ve missed.

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