Illinois Scouts BSA troop for girls is thriving, plus other good news from this week

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Troop 2119 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, started four years ago, when girls were first invited to join Scouts BSA. Four years later, a handful of its members spoke to their local paper about what Scouting has meant to them.

“Scouts ultimately saved my life,” says one member. “I was going down a really dark path, and I kind of found my way out of it through spending time outside, meeting really good people.”

“I hated camping,” says another. “In the back of my head, I was just like, ‘If I hate this, I’ll just quit.’”

She didn’t hate it, and she didn’t quit.

“We just talked the whole night, and it was so fun,” she says.

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Scout builds furniture for school out of recycled wood

His school was prepared to spend around $10,000 on new furniture.

He did for under $500, and he raised the money himself.

For his Eagle Scout project, Xander Coker from Troop 35 in DeForest, Wisconsin, reclaimed the wood from a retired set of middle school bleachers and turned it into four tables and a bench. He also built and installed 12 resin-coated log seats with timber donated from a local tree-cutting company.

“I figured it was a good way to give back to the community, since it impacts a lot of people,” says Xander. “Most kids in the district will go through school here, so this will reach a lot of people.”

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His experience in Scouting led him to be a first responder

“I became a first responder back in 2009 after attending Scouts,” says Trent Wenger, the president of Friendship Hose Company in Newville, Pennsylvania. “I was an Eagle Scout, and I was interested in the medical field.”

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Cub Scouts meet police working dogs

When police officers in Eureka, California, visited with the families of Cub Scout Pack 28, they brought along some furry friends.

The Cub Scouts met Yeti and Bodhi, and witnessed a demonstration of their abilities as police working dogs.

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Leatherstocking Council’s first-aid competition puts Scouts’ skills to the test

Around 110 Scouts attended the Leatherstocking Council’s most recent first-aid “meet,” in Oneonta, N.Y., in which teams of five Scouts were tasked with solving specific first-aid scenarios to win the competition.

Teams got two minutes to discuss the scenario, and 10 minutes to complete it. Each team was judged on its performance. The judges rotated to a new team after each exercise.

“It teaches kids how to work together as a team,” says the event’s organizer. “It gives them skills, first aid skills, and is confidence building.”

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