The EPIC conclusion to National Geographic’s Explorer Academy ​book ​series

Cruz Coronado is back for a final exciting adventure in National Geographic’s Explorer Academy book series.

In this book, The Forbidden Island, Cruz is faced with another shocking surprise even after completing dozens of high-risk missions and traveling to all seven continents. 

The series, written by Trudi Trueit, incorporates scientific and cultural elements, exploration of important ideas and values, critical skill-building and examples of upstanding characters. It follows 12-year-old Cruz as he leaves his home to attend the prestigious Explorer Academy, where he will train to become a great explorer.

You can read an excerpt from the latest book in the October 2022 issue of Scout Life magazine.

The series

We introduced you to the Explorer Academy series a few years ago when the first book, The Nebula Secret, came out. Scouts became Explorer Academy Ambassadors, got a free book and pin and shared how much they loved the new book. Boys’ Life subscribers were treated to an excerpt from The Nebula Secret in the August 2018 issue

Since then, more action-packed books have been released. You can find all of the titles on Amazon:

>The series appeals to youth, especially middle-grade readers, who want fun, well-written fiction stories that are exciting and different, but rooted in real-world facts.

Readers will enjoy the light overlay of nonfiction concepts and careers, like STEM, exploration, photography, world travel and cultures, right alongside the diverse cast of characters, both boys and girls, that can give them someone with whom to identify.

Parents and leaders will appreciate that every science and exploration concept that characters encounter is based on the actual, ongoing work of world-class explorers and scientists in many fields, photographers, and journalists. Interactive aspects in the books engage readers with codebreaking and puzzles, deductive reasoning and problem-solving.

The “Truth Behind the Fiction” section in each book and on the Explorer Academy website draws readers deeper into nonfiction topics, including profiles of real National Geographic Explorers who inspired the series. The site also features exclusive videos, puzzles, and other educational resources that serve as excellent teaching aides and activity ideas.

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