Scholarships available for the biggest Scouting event in the country

We’re officially one year away from the National Jamboree.

If your Scout wants to attend the big event, but you’re hesitant on the price tag, the BSA offers scholarships that could cover any requested amount up to the full national fee of $1,285.

The BSA wants to ensure that every eligible Scout who wants to attend the Jamboree can do so — regardless of financial background. Scouts are encouraged to fundraise as much as they can to cover fees, travel expenses and other costs. Councils can provide scholarships to Scouts who need them, and some national money is available to supplement those scholarships.

Full scholarships will only be given in the most extraordinary cases; most scholarships will total less than half the national fee. Scholarships are only available for youth participants or unit leaders up to age 33. Jamboree staff members are not eligible for a scholarship; all staff members ages 16-33 receive a reduced fee.

The initial deadline to apply is July 31, 2022, with those applicants being notified if they’ve been approved by mid-September. A second scholarship deadline will be Dec. 31, 2022, with those applicants being notified by mid-February.

To be considered, you will need to submit an online application and be approved by your council to attend by July 31 (for first-round applicants) or Dec. 31 (for second-round applicants). Check here for full eligibility requirements and steps on the application process.

Ready to sign up for the Jamboree now? Click here to get started! Interested in attending as part of the Jamboree service team? Click here to learn more.

Stay updated on social media

Many people stay updated about what’s going on in the world via social media. You can do the same with the National Jamboree. Find updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Click the links below to find the exact pages for the Jamboree:

On those platforms, you can find posts through the official hashtags, #NatJamboree23 and #SummitOn.

By following those pages, you can already see patch mock-ups, historical videos and links to webinars. If you missed the webinars when they aired, you can still watch them.

Get excited

You can help share the excitement for the big event. You can also share by using these marketing resources.

The Jamboree page has social media graphics, logos, videos, photos and web banners you can use online. It also has postcards, posters and fliers for you to print locally.

The page also links to early release Jamboree shirts, available to buy through Amazon.

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