How to submit a story idea for Scout Life magazine

Scout Life is the magazine for Scouts, filled with their stories. But we need to hear about their stories before we can consider them for publication.

Here’s how you and your Scouts can contribute story ideas to the BSA’s official youth magazine.

What is Scout Life looking for?

Tell us about any upcoming adventures that your Scouts have planned, as well as their big service projects and other special activities. Go here to give us all the details. Also, let us know about Scouts who are accomplishing great things outside of Scouting, whether in academics, athletics, the arts or more. Please go here to give us those details.

We can’t cover everything we hear about, but for the outings we do select, we’ll send a professional photographer along, or we’ll give you and your youth some tips on how to take photos yourselves.

Guess how we found out that these adorable Cub Scouts would be attending a mom-and-me event in East Texas? Their parents contacted us and told us about it! Photo by Michael Roytek

What else can you submit?

Also, we encourage your Scouts to submit content for the Readers’ Page or a funny joke or two. They can even tell us about their favorite collection . Besides seeing their name in print, they’ll get an official contributor’s patch if their content is selected for publication.

Who knows? The next time you open your mailbox, you might see yourself or a Scout you know!

Troop 8720 sent us this picture of its Scouts cleaning up after Hurricane Ida. Guess what? It ended up in the May issue of Scout Life!

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