Make your Cub Scout’s Pinewood Derby design shine with these Scout Shop accessories

If your pack hasn’t held its Pinewood Derby yet, check out the accessories available at the Scout Shop that can help your Cub Scouts bring their design visions to life. If your pack has already had its big race this year, share photos your Cub Scout’s car here to possibly be highlighted on Scout Life’s website. You can also see awesome car designs shared with the magazine last year.

Light it up

Under glow lights not only enhance the appearance of the car, but they also give out lighting that everyone can enjoy. The under glow light kit, which weighs 5 ounces, contains light strips that glow blue and come with different lighting options in the settings. The accessory piece includes a battery pack and two strips of lighting that can be applied to the vehicle’s undermount. Your Scout will have the option of fast-blinking, slow-blinking and constant glow.

Tricked out wheels

From electric blue to bright green, eye-popping pink, purple and white, these colorful wheel and axle replacement kits will catch everyone’s attention. Bonus: the wheels even glow in the dark. The wheels put the finishing touch on a car and help your Scout practice decision-making and thinking about details

Peel and stick

Whether it’s blue flames or unicorn rainbows, decal stickers help your Scout express themselves. Peel-and-stick decals add some flair and are easy to use. Each decal accessory kit comes with a main decal sheet and an accessory sheet, and there’s no cutting necessary. 

Listen up

The Scout Shop sells four sound accessory kits: ice cream truck, fire truck, police car and race car. The fire and police sound kits come with flashing light accessories. The accessories must be installed with a round drill, and sounds are activated only when the silver button in the corner of the speaker box is pushed.

On display

Every year, your Cub Scout gets the opportunity to design a new car for the Pinewood Derby. Whether it’s your Cub Scout’s first car, a winning car or the design is just too cool to be stored away in a box, show off that car in a Pinewood Derby display case. Too often, great-looking cars are left to sit in hot attics or damp basements, environments that can damage the hard work that you and your Cub Scout invested. A display case is a perfect way to preserve the memories you forge with your Cub Scout.

More tips

If your Cub Scout has the need for speed and wants tips on building a fast Pinewood Derby car, click here. Get more speed secrets here. If your Cub Scout is stumped on his or her car design, get some ideas from this post.

For tips on running a Pinewood Derby event, race rules and more, head over to this page. And if your pack has had its race (or after the upcoming race), share how it went and by emailing or visit this page.

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