2022 Order of the Arrow national officers elected, new region structure debuts

From left: Gateway Region Chief Dirk Smelser, National Chief Timothy Reiss, National Vice Chief Steven Buer and Eastern Region Chief Alexander Pillis.

Timothy Reiss, an Eagle Scout from the Chicago-based Pathway to Adventure Council, has been elected by his peers to serve as the 2022 Order of the Arrow National Chief.

He’s joined on the leadership team by National Vice Chief Steven Buer, an Eagle Scout from the Omaha, Neb.- based Mid-America Council.

Reiss and Buer will serve one-year terms as the top youth leaders of the OA, the BSA’s national honor society.

As national chief and national vice chief, they’ll sit on the national Order of the Arrow committee, representing the all-important youth voice as the volunteer-led group makes decisions about the OA’s future.

They’ll also preside over national OA events, most notably NOAC 2022, this summer’s National Order of the Arrow Conference at the University of Tennessee.

New regional structure

Reiss and Buer will lead the OA as it streamlines its national structure. Instead of four regions (Northeast, Southern, Central, Western), the OA now has two: Gateway and Eastern.

The regions’ names were chosen from more than 300 submissions from Arrowmen nationwide.

Moving forward, the OA’s national youth leadership team will consist of four elected officers:

  • National Chief
  • National Vice Chief
  • Gateway Region Chief
  • Eastern Region Chief

The 2022 officers were elected by their fellow section chiefs at the OA’s 2021 National Planning Meeting, held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Let’s meet each of them below.


2022 National Chief Timothy Reiss

From: Palatine, Ill. (Pathway to Adventure Council)

Scouting background: Scout since February 2014, Eagle Scout, Summit Award recipient, Quartermaster Award recipient

OA background: Vigil Honor Member, Section C-7 Chief (2020-2021, 2021-2022), Section C-7 Vice Chief 2020, 2019 Takhone Lodge Chief, 2018 Lakota Lodge Chief

Education: Attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying supply chain management

Favorite hobbies: Watching films and cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers

Random fact: His lodge is home to the only backward-flowing river (the Chicago River).

Quotable: “This next year is our chance to rejuvenate our Order and leave a legacy greater than ever. I am so excited for NOAC 2022! Seeing Arrowmen from all over the nation gather as one for the first time in four years will be such a memorable event — I can’t wait!”


2022 National Vice Chief Steven Buer

From: Fremont, Neb. (Mid-America Council)

Scouting background: Scout since March 2008, Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader

OA background: Vigil Honor Member, Chapter Chief, Lodge Vice Chief of Service, Lodge Secretary, two-term Lodge Chief, three-term Section Chief

Education: Attends the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a double-major in business administration and political science and a concentration in pre-law

Favorite hobbies: Playing the trumpet, camping, watching movies, watching sports, listening to podcasts

Random fact: He only has one kidney.

Quotable: “2022 is going to be amazing. I know it will be. NOAC 2022 will be the first NOAC in four years, and that makes me excited for this year. I think the Order of the Arrow will continue to adapt to change and really make an impact on Arrowmen across the nation.”


2022 Eastern Region Chief Alexander Pillis

From: Watertown, Conn. (Connecticut Rivers Council)

Scouting background: Scout since April 2009, Eagle Scout

OA background: Vigil Honor Member, Chapter Secretary, Lodge Secretary, Lodge Vice-Chief, Lodge Chief, Section Vice Chief, Section Chief

Education: Attends Providence College, studying biology

Favorite hobby: Skiing, competitive swimming, hiking

Random fact: In his spare time, he’s trying to fix a 1982 Corvette.

Quotable: “I can’t wait to see how we can leverage all of our strengths around the new Eastern Region and form a new region identity! I’m also excited to meet Arrowmen around the country and especially for NOAC.”


2022 Gateway Region Chief Dirk Smelser

From: Eureka, Calif. (Crater Lake Council)

Scouting background: Scout since February 2008, Eagle Scout

OA background: Vigil Honor Member, Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, Lodge Chief

Education: Attends the Oregon Institute of Technology, studying business management

Favorite hobby: Hiking, spending time with friends and the occasional patch trade

Random fact: He attended the same high school as Matt Dukeman, the OA’s National Director.

Quotable: “This year is our time to put the Order back on the upward trend. We must come together as what we really are, Arrowmen, to improve the foundation of our program.”

Your three national youth officers

As national chief, Timothy Reiss joins 2021-22 National Venturing Officers’ Association President Andrew Steckner and 2021-22 National Sea Scout Boatswain Cassidy Christian as the three highest-ranking youth leaders in the Boy Scouts of America.

These three youth leaders sit on the BSA’s National Executive Board, helping shape the future of our great movement.

Thanks to Communications Coordinator Ethan Syster and OA National Director Matt Dukeman for the info.

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