Tune into the new #TrekOnTuesday for a month of giveaways!

Chess Trek on Tuesdays

UPDATE: The votes are in, and starting Feb. 1, 2022, #TrekonTuesdays will be live every Tuesday at 3 p.m. Central!

If you love #TrekAt2, things are about to get a whole lot cooler (and more convenient).

And if you’re new to the world of Scout Life’s virtual treks, stories from the magazine, interviews with outdoor experts and exclusive, digital experiences, you’re joining this party at just the right time!

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 1, #TrekAt2 will make the transition to #TrekOnTuesdays. That means instead of going live on Facebook several times a week at 2 p.m. Central, we’re going live on Tuesdays at a time YOU select as the best for your family’s schedule.

Answer our poll below to let us know when you’d like to see us go live on Tuesdays:


OK, but is going live once a week for #TrekOnTuesdays really better?

The new schedule will help us reach more viewers and concentrate on the most entertaining and educational content for one action-packed show a week. Plus, every Friday, we’ll continue to be live with the Scouting-volunteer-favorite #CubChatLive series.

We’ll also be able to tailor the shows to best fit your schedule.

And did we mention? We’ll be able to host way more giveaways (think: camping gear, toys, books, and Scouting memorabilia).

In fact, every Tuesday in February will come with a chance to win some cool Scouting gear. Just tune in and comment to enter for a chance to win.

Where to watch #TrekOnTuesdays?

You can catch #TrekOnTuesdays in the same spot you watch #TrekAt2 and #CubChatLive. Here is where we go live each week:

For special livestreams, you may also see us go live on these channels:

Catch #TrekOnTuesdays every Tuesday afternoon!

Don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday and vote in our poll to help us find the perfect time to trek with your family.

And be sure to comment along with our shows next month – that’s how you’ll enter to win cool prizes and get on-air shoutouts!

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