Scout Life magazine wants to know: What’s your favorite Scout patch?

Patches are a big part of Scouting.

They are things you’ve earned, like rank advancement and merit badges. They are groups to which you belong, like your unit, den or patrol. And, maybe most of all, they are memories, like events you’ve attended and camps you’ve visited.

Chances are, you have lots of them. But we’re here to ask an important question: Which is your favorite?

There can be only one

We’re getting ready for a big contest (look for more details in an upcoming issue of Scout Life magazine), but first, we need your help. We want to know, of all the patches you’ve kept, which one do you like the most?

Share it with us, along with one sentence telling us the reason you chose it. It could be your first patch, the patch that’s most meaningful to you, the coolest patch or anything else.

Adults and youth can share their patches on Instagram or Facebook by using the hashtag #FavoritePatches. Or send it to us at


Like March Madness, but with patches

The March issue of Scout Life will feature the rules of our upcoming Patch Madness contest, which will be based on the patches you submit. But the important thing for now is to take a snap of your favorite patch, share it with us and stay tuned!

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