Eagle Scout’s project involved building a tiny house for the homeless

If your Scout is struggling with selecting an Eagle Scout service project, share some advice from Eagle Scout Delaney Dodd.

“Do what your heart is telling you to do, not what is easiest,” she says.

The 18-year-old from Troop 436 of Lakewood, Wash., started her project last year and decided to work with Sound Foundations NW. The nonprofit builds tiny homes for the local homeless population, giving them a roof over their heads as they work on transitioning into a more permanent, stable situation.

“The homeless community has always been close to my heart,” Delaney says. “I knew some of the homeless people around. I definitely wanted to do something more out of the box.”

Completing the build

To complete her project, Delaney recruited a team from her troop and church, and led the team in the build at the nonprofit’s large indoor workshop. The team pieced together the tiny home’s framing and roof.

“Once a person is in a tiny home, they are warm, safe and dry. They then can focus on the next step of their lives,” says Barb Oliver, Sound Foundations NW director of operations. “Laney was instrumental in this process.”

For building tiny homes, Sounds Foundation NW needs volunteers and money for building materials. Delaney also raised $2,000, which covers more than half the cost of building one home.

“I have never built a home – that was kind of cool,” she says. “I got to use some tools I’d never used before.”

Delaney and her team used the nonprofit’s instructions to nail pre-cut pieces of lumber together and install window frames.

The tiny home Delaney and her volunteers helped build became part of a tiny home village in Seattle this summer. The village accommodates up to 65 people. Each home is outfitted with a bed, sheets and pillows, towels, toiletries, a mini fridge, shelving, a space heater and fan.

“I’m so happy,” Delaney says. “It looks amazing. I made someone’s home.”

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