These 13 outstanding Scouts will deliver the BSA’s Report to the Nation

Update, Feb. 29: Meet the delegates in the video below!

Next week’s big news out of Washington likely won’t be covered on cable news.

But for those of us who care about the BSA, this will be the top story.

Thirteen of the country’s most impressive Scouts will gather in Washington, D.C., to deliver the 2019 Report to the Nation, the official recap of another great year for the Boy Scouts of America.

Along the way, the Scouts will have high-profile meetings that would make lobbyists envious. They’ll visit historic sites and museums, enjoying access unavailable to most school groups. And everywhere they go, they’ll spread the news about all the amazing things Scouts did in 2019.

Think of these 13 delegates as your representatives in Washington. If you helped a Scout camp, earn a merit badge, participate in a service project or become an Eagle Scout in 2019, you’re part of this Report to the Nation.

Why does the BSA prepare a Report to the Nation?

Report to the Nation is more than just a good way to share Scouting successes. It’s required by Congress.

Section 8 of the BSA’s 1916 congressional charter requires the BSA to present a report to Congress by April 1 of each year. Rather than faxing the report to the House and Senate, the BSA selects youth delegates from across the country to hand-deliver the report to key officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

You’ll hear the name “Report to the Nation” used both for the actual report and for the visit during which the report is presented.

Why is this the 2019 Report to the Nation and not 2020?

We’re asked this question every year, and the answer is simple.

The report recaps the previous year, so the 2019 Report to the Nation is a summary of everything that happened in 2019. It’s presented in 2020.

What’s in the 2019 Report to the Nation?

See it for yourself here.

You’ll read about all the amazing things that happened last year. The report shares significant numbers — and the stories behind those numbers.

When is the 2019 Report to the Nation visit?

The 2019 Report to the Nation visit will be Feb. 29 to March 5, 2020.

What’s the schedule for the 2019 Report to the Nation visit?

While I’d love to share the itinerary, I can’t. For security reasons, the schedule is kept confidential.

Also, with the always-shifting nature of D.C., any schedule I posted here would be almost immediately out of date.

I can say that the delegates will meet with high-ranking officials from all three branches of government, tour historic sites and complete a service project.

How are Report to the Nation delegates chosen?

Each fall, local councils nominate one young person from their council. These names are sent to the National Service Center, which organizes them and forwards them to a selection committee.

The committee reviews the nominees and selects seven to 10 young people. They’re looking at the individuals but also at the group, making sure to select representatives from all BSA programs and regions (Central, Northeast, Southern, Western).

Three more delegates get automatic selections: the National Sea Scout Boatswain, the National Order of the Arrow Chief and the National Venturing Officers’ Association President.

How can I follow the 2019 Report to the Nation at home?

Watch for daily blog posts right here on Bryan on Scouting. This year, the BOS blogger on the scene will be Michael Freeman, an Eagle Scout and associate editor of Boys’ Life, Scouting and Eagles’ Call magazines.

You’ll also want to be sure you’re following Scouting magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, you’ll be able to see photos from the week’s action — taken by photographers Michael Roytek and Randy Piland. They upload nightly to this page on Flickr.

Who are the 2019 Report to the Nation delegates?

Let’s meet these 13 outstanding Scouts, in alphabetical order by last name.

Zachary Bryant, Life Scout from Georgia

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Troop 213, Atlanta (Atlanta Area Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Completed National Youth Leadership Training
  • Attended the 2019 World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia
  • Has completed all the requirements to become an Eagle Scout and awaits his board of review

Noteworthy: During his first time at summer camp, Zachary rescued a fellow Scout while whitewater rafting. A Scout from another troop had fallen out of his raft and was struggling to swim against the current. Zachary reached out with his hand and pulled the Scout to safety. Zachary credits Scouting with helping him stay calm in the situation.

Beyond Scouting: Zachary is a varsity football and basketball player and says that Scouting has helped him develop more self-confidence and become a better leader — both on and off the field.

Hannah Carter, National Sea Scout Boatswain from California

Program: Sea Scouts

From: Dana Point, Calif. (Orange County Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Attended SEAL advanced leadership course
  • Was selected to sail on the USCGA Barque Eagle
  • Expects to attend her third biennial William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup in July 2020
  • Earned the Quartermaster Award, the top award in Sea Scouting
  • Received the Sea Scout Leadership Award from both her council and the Western Region

Noteworthy: As National Sea Scout Boatswain, Hannah is the top youth leader in Sea Scouts.

Beyond Scouting: Hannah has been a member of her school’s auditioned, award-winning choir program for four years and frequently sings the national anthem at events. She is applying to college ROTC programs and hopes to sail collegiately.

Maya Chimal, Cub Scout from Washington

Program: Cub Scouts

From: Pack 100, Pasco, Wash. (Blue Mountain Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Cub Scout since she joined as a 6-year-old Tiger
  • Memorized the Scout Oath and Scout Law and led a public flag ceremony

Noteworthy: She’s become a driving force for making Scouting available to Hispanic families in her community. While teaching the pack to conduct a flag ceremony, she volunteered to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish as well as in English, so many of the Scouts’ parents and grandparents could better understand the words.

Bryan Fencl Jr.

Program: Cub Scouts

From: Pack 976, San Diego (San Diego-Imperial Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • A Webelos Scout and working on Arrow of Light
  • Earned the BSA’s Medal of Merit

Noteworthy: In 2019, Bryan saw a boy being bullied by other kids at school. The child being bullied has autism and developmental challenges, and even the school’s teachers had been unsuccessful in stopping students from bullying the boy. Bryan approached his teachers and suggested establishing a club to watch out for his classmate during recess and lunch breaks. Nineteen people signed up on the first day alone. (Read more here.)

Beyond Scouting: Bryan’s favorite Scouting activities are camping and hiking. At school, he serves on the school safety patrol and says math is his favorite subject.

Terry Hendriex, Eagle Scout from Illinois

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Troop 1142, Clinton, Ill. (W.D. Boyce Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Earned the Eagle Scout Award
  • Served on camp staff at Ingersoll Scout Reservation and on staff for National Youth Leadership Training
  • Heavily involved in the Order of the Arrow, where he is a section chief and a former lodge chief
  • Participated in the Order of the Arrow Trail Crew at Philmont, the Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure at Sea Base and the Order of the Arrow Voyager program at Northern Tier

Noteworthy: Terry says his favorite things about Scouting are the friends he has made and the ability to give back to the program, the same way it has given to him.

Beyond Scouting: Terry likes to run, watch track, play chess and study politics. He plans to major in marketing or communications in college.

Jaden Jenkins, Life Scout from Oklahoma

Program: Scouts BSA and Venturing

From: Crew 5779, Enid, Okla. (Cimarron Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Earned the Triple Crown of High Adventure by participating in treks at Philmont Scout Ranch, Florida Sea Base and Northern Tier. Hopes to earn the Grand Slam in 2020 by participating in a whitewater trek at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.
  • Attended the 2019 World Scout Jamboree
  • Is a Life Scout working on his Eagle Scout service project

Noteworthy: While on the Sea Base trek, a Scout in Jaden’s crew began having breathing problems. The local rescue team was contacted, and a decision was made for the Scouts and the rescue vessel to rendezvous. When an engine problem required the captain to go below deck to make repairs, Jaden and the rest of the crew plotted a course to the rendezvous point, pulled up anchor, raised the sails and began tacking in an effort to catch the wind. They were able to meet the rescue squad, which transported the Scout to a hospital where he recovered.

Beyond Scouting: Jaden is active in his school’s sports and theater programs.

Keerthin Karthikeyan, Eagle Scout from Mississippi

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Troop 45, Oxford, Miss. (Yocona Area Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Earned the Eagle Scout Award and 15 Eagle Palms
  • Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow

Noteworthy: For his Eagle Scout project, he engineered the idea for a flag retirement dropbox for his community.

Beyond Scouting: Keerthin has participated in science fairs since he was in second grade. A recent innovative science fair project — “Styro-Carbon: An Effective Approach to Recycle Styrofoam” — won several awards including a silver medal at the GENIUS Olympiad international project competition. (Read more here.)

Gisselle Lugo, Explorer from New York

Program: Exploring

From: Police Explorer Post 1490, Massapequa, N.Y. (Theodore Roosevelt Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Serves as vice national youth representative of Law Enforcement Exploring
  • Attended several competitions and two national conferences and has traveled to different states to represent Exploring

Noteworthy: Law Enforcement Exploring has become a big part of Gisselle’s life, offering the opportunity to gain leadership skills, make new friends and contribute more than 900 hours of community service. She says these experiences have strengthened her love for law enforcement and have enabled her to push herself out of her comfort zone.

Beyond Exploring: Gisselle is a freshman at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she is studying forensic psychology. She wants to become a police officer and eventually work for the FBI.

Pamela Petterchak, National Venturing Officers’ Association President from Missouri

Program: Venturing

From: St. Louis (Greater St. Louis Area Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Serves as National Venturing Officers’ Association President, the top youth leader in Venturing
  • Earned the Venturing Summit Award, the program’s highest honor
  • Earned the Wright Brothers Supernova Award, as well as numerous council, area, and regional Venturing Leadership Awards.
  • Served on staff for a variety of national events, including the 2017 National Jamboree, VenturingFest 2018, and the 2019 World Scout Jamboree

Noteworthy: Pamela joined Venturing at age 14 because she wanted to explore the outdoors and meet new people. Now she’s the top youth leader in the entire program.

Beyond Scouting: She is a sophomore at Missouri University of Science and Technology, where she studies computer engineering and computer science.

Zachary Schonfeld, National Chief of the Order of the Arrow

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Reston, Va. (National Capital Area Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Elected to serve as National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s honor society
  • Earned the Eagle Scout Award

Noteworthy: During his term as national chief, Zach will help lead the planning of the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference. In addition to serving as a youth member on the National OA Committee, he will also travel across the nation as a representative of Scouting.

Beyond Scouting: He is a sophomore at George Washington University studying political communication. He writes for the school newspaper and hopes to become a journalist.

Laura Sun, Star Scout from California

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Troop 582, Saratoga, Calif. (Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Founded Troop 582 and served as its first senior patrol leader
  • Has earned 21 merit badges so far
  • Completed adventures at Philmont and Northern Tier

Noteworthy: Troop 582 has grown to become one of the largest female troops in the Western Region. Noticing the challenge of starting a troop from scratch, she organized weekend sessions to teach outdoor skills to other Scouts BSA members. These sessions created an environment where Scouts advance side by side as they teach each other and develop an appreciation for the Scouting program.

Beyond Scouting: A junior in high school, Laura earned the National AP Scholar Award in 2019 for her academic achievements. In addition, she competes in Science Olympiad at the regional and state level and is a member of the National Honor Society.

David Taylor, Eagle Scout from South Carolina

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Troop 475, Florence, S.C. (Pee Dee Area Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Earned the Eagle Scout Award at age 39 (read more)
  • Has been active in Scouting since first grade
  • Attended two Philmont treks
  • Serves as junior assistant Scoutmaster

Noteworthy: For his Eagle Scout service project, David constructed a knot board at Lynches River County Park, which teaches the public how to tie essential knots.

Beyond Scouting: In addition to Scouting, David enjoys singing in his church choir.

Isabella Tunney

Program: Scouts BSA

From: Troop 5384, St. Paul, Minn. (Northern Star Council)

Scouting accomplishments:

  • Founding member of Troop 5384
  • Has a goal of earning every available merit badge
  • Emceed a Scouting fundraiser event, Million Dollar Day, which raised more than $1.2 million for Scouting

Noteworthy: Isabella works with her council to create promotional videos to help recruit more young people into this movement. She has also spoken about Scouts BSA on a local television station.

Beyond Scouting: An active member of her community, Isabella picks up trash and volunteers at a local homeless shelter. She is currently a straight-A student and is interested in pursuing a career in the STEM field.

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