Scouting Show and Tell: Patrol Names and Flags

The Ninja Monkeys. The Flaming Eagles. The Deviled Eggs.

Scouts can concoct some pretty awesome patrol and den names — and make really cool flags and emblems to proudly display their creations. You can see some here.

Sometimes, adult leaders form patrols, too. While adult patrols aren’t an official part of the BSA’s program, there isn’t a policy against making them. And adults come up with some fun names as well.

With all this creativity, we’d like to highlight these patrols. That means it’s time for Show and Tell, where Scouters show their favorite photos and tell the story behind them.

Send us photos of your adult patrol, badge or flag. Let us know how the name was invented and what role the patrol plays. You can also send us youth patrol names and flags in your troop or pack. Here are a few great names we’ve heard lately. If you want ideas of how to come up with an unforgettable name and emblem, click here.

If you already have one, visit You can also email us at, leave a comment below or share via social media using #ScoutingShowandTell.

You could be featured in an upcoming issue of Scouting magazine. For more Scouting Show and Tell topics, click here. We also want to see other ways you make Scouting great, so if you have a funny skit, cool activity uniform or neat neckerchief slide, send them our way as well.

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Michael Freeman, an Eagle Scout, is an associate editor of Scout Life and Scouting magazines.