It’s Scouts BSA month at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s stores

Outdoor retailers Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s are an outdoorsman’s paradise. Most retail stores feature at least 80,000 square feet (many are a lot bigger) full of equipment for camping, hunting, fishing, boating and off-roading. This month, they’ll also have merit badge counselors.

Each of the more than 150 retail stores in the U.S. plans to have two or more associates certified to teach part of the Fishing, Rifle Shooting or Fish and Wildlife Management merit badges for the stores’ “Scouts BSA Month.” Merit badge applications, often referred to as “blue cards,” have already been delivered to the stores.

You can register for the merit badge workshops at the customer service desk or by calling your local store. Pre-registration is required as classes are limited to 10 Scouts BSA members. These classes will be held at 6 p.m. local time on the following dates:

Tuesday September 3 Fishing
Wednesday September 4 Rifle Shooting
Thursday September 5 Fish and Wildlife Management
Tuesday September 10 Rifle Shooting
Wednesday September 11 Fish and Wildlife Management
Thursday September 12 Fishing
Tuesday September 17 Fish and Wildlife Management
Wednesday September 18 Fishing
Thursday September 19 Rifle Shooting
Tuesday September 24 Fishing
Wednesday September 25 Rifle Shooting
Thursday September 26 Fish and Wildlife Management

Year-round community engagement opportunities for units may be available, such as recruitment and fundraising. As store-council relationships vary, check with your store for details.

If you want marketing materials for an event or have more questions, click here.

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