How a Jack Link’s fundraiser helps Scouts fuel their adventures

Your Scouts trust Jack Link’s to fuel their Scouting adventures.

Now Jack Link’s wants to be your go-to choice for funding those adventures, too.

With its BSA fundraising kits, Jack Link’s makes it easier for your Scouts to raise the money they need to do the things they want.

Each Jack Link’s fundraising kit sells for $15 and includes:

  • Two beef sticks
  • One bag of beef jerky
  • One bag of original tender bites
  • One bag of teriyaki tender bites*

* My personal favorite

All that snacking goodness gets packed into a cool box that’s branded with the BSA and Jack Link’s logos.

Why participate

In addition to the obvious — earning money for your Scout unit — I see three reasons:

  1. With Jack Link’s, you’re selling a product people want to buy. It’s tasty and nutritious and comes from a name they already trust.
  2. Jack Link’s is the official protein snack of the BSA and official sponsor of the Entrepreneurship merit badge.
  3. Jack Link’s founder Jack Link is a proud BSA alumni. He was a member of Troop 97 of Minong, Wis., and says his time in Scouting inspired his entrepreneurial spirit and informs his company’s values.

How to participate

There are two types of Jack Link’s fundraisers. Council-coordinated and unit-coordinated. Here’s a look at the difference:

Council-Coordinated Unit-Coordinated
Council staff and volunteers coordinate efforts among all districts and units Units coordinate their own logistics, timing, kickoff, etc.
Council assumes the risk of unsold product Chartering/Partnering organization assumes the risk of unsold product
Jack Link’s will ship to one address per district Jack Link’s will ship to a single residential address with a $250 minimum order (7 cases or 56 kits)
Unit Money Earning Application IS NOT required Unit Money Earning Application IS required

When to participate

You can sell Jack Link’s fundraising kits any time of year, but councils and Scout units have found the most success with spring fundraisers. This allows the council to sell unsold fundraising kit products in summer camp trading posts and at retail Scout shops.

How much money you can make

Council-coordinated fundraisers: This is ultimately up to the council. Jack Link’s recommends that councils and units split the profit equally. That means the council and unit would profit $5 each from the sale of each fundraising kit at the suggested retail price of $15.

Unit-coordinated fundraisers: Units will profit $10 from the sale of each fundraising kit if sold at the suggested fundraising price of $15.

What happens to kits you don’t sell

Council-coordinated fundraisers: Jack Link’s recommends that councils sell unsold products in camp trading posts and Scout Shops at a suggested retail price of $7.99.

Unit-coordinated fundraisers: Consider selling your unsold products at a reduced rate.

How to learn more

Visit this site for more information about how to get started

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