A family tradition: For the Moellers of Ohio, it’s six brothers, six Eagle Scouts

Birders call a group of eagles a convocation, a congregation or an aerie.

But in the case of Daniel, Tim, Ben, Adam, Sam and Joshua Moeller, a more fitting word is “family.”

Last month, the two youngest members of the Cincinnati-based Moellers earned the Eagle Scout rank. In doing so, Sam and Joshua became the family’s fifth and sixth Eagle Scouts.

That means all six Moeller brothers — whose ages range from 15 to 30 — have achieved Scouting’s highest honor.

In doing so, they join an even larger family: the community of more than 2 million Eagle Scouts in BSA history.

Six (or more) Eagle Scout brothers in one family

While six Eagle Scout brothers is remarkable, it’s not unprecedented.

The Glanzer family of the South Texas Council has six Eagle Scout brothers. Ditto the Gemmell family of the San Diego-Imperial Council.

It’s seven Eagle Scout brothers for the Hartwig family of Arizona.

And in 1984, Scouting magazine found three families that each have 10 Eagle Scout sons.

That’s 10 Eagle Scout brothers in the Dupaix family of Sandy, Utah; 10 in the Dowdle family of Green River, Wyo.; and 10 in the Twa family of Spring Lake, Mich.

Meet the Moellers

The four older Moeller brothers watched their two younger siblings receive their Eagle Scout badges on Dec. 19, 2018.

Troop 641 of the Dan Beard Council held an Eagle Scout court of honor with the whole Moeller family in attendance.

That includes:

  • Daniel, 30, who has a Ph.D. and lives in California
  • Tim, 28, who is an aerospace engineer in Denver
  • Ben, 25, who is a software chemical engineer in Wisconsin
  • Adam, 23, who is working on a graduate degree at Stanford and is interested in teaching
  • Sam, 17, a student at La Salle High School
  • Joshua, 15, a student at La Salle High School

Congrats to Sam, Joshua and all of the Moeller brothers for their excellent achievement.

And because no Eagle Scout earns the award alone, a special shout-out to their mom and dad for their support along the way.

Thanks to Julie Whitaker of the BSA’s Dan Beard Council for the tip.

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