Let’s craft some great decorations for your next banquet or court of honor

Your pack’s blue and gold banquet is coming up, and you want some great, fun decor for the event. Not just balloons and plastic table-runners. Something different, something unique. But going that route will cost a pretty penny, right?


You (and your Cub Scouts) can make some cool, easy decorations that will help make the event one to remember. We understand you’re on a budget, so we created an instructional video series for creative crafts, using supplies you likely already have at home.

Campfire Centerpiece

Uniform Silverware Setting

Rice Candle Holder

Origami Tent

Popcorn Centerpiece

These crafts aren’t just for blue and gold banquets; you can amend any of them to fit your event. For more tips on rethinking your next Cub Scout dinner, see our latest “Cub Scout Corner.

Visit go.scoutingmagazine.org/crafts for the text versions of the tutorials on how to make the crafts above. Check them out, get inspired and have some fun!

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