Hargrave Military Academy, like Scouting, teaches leadership and ethics

At Hargrave Military Academy, cadets learn traits like respect, courage and integrity. They practice putting others before themselves. They become leaders who are prepared for lifelong success.

Sounds a lot like Scouting to me.

It’s tough to imagine a school sharing more values in common with Scouting than Hargrave Military Academy located in Chatham, Va. As a top-ranked college-preparatory boarding school, Hargrave serves young men in grades seven through postgraduate, and develops future leaders who go on to success in college and beyond.”

Why they choose Hargrave

Many cadets choose Hargrave because they aren’t getting what they need at their local schools. They come from more than 25 different states and six continents to learn leadership, build stronger SAT/ACT scores and create a solid record of academic success. They’re challenged in the classroom, on the athletic field and in service activities.

To achieve academic success, you want to establish a solid daily routine. Hargrave does that for its students; it helps them solidify structure. These skills serve them throughout life.

For proof, just look at the Hargrave Military Academy Class of 2018. These 50 graduates have been awarded a combined $4.4 million in scholarships and will go on to universities across the country — from the University of Washington to Miami Dade College.

Nine cadets will attend senior military colleges, including The Citadel, the Virginia Military Institute and Norwich University.

Scouting at Hargrave

Hargrave doesn’t just share values with Scouting. The academy actually charters its own Scout troop.

Troop 68 welcomes any young man who is enrolled at the academy. Scouts in Troop 68 can choose from — get this — 68 different merit badges taught by Hargrave faculty.

To date, more than 70 cadets have become Eagle Scouts.

Learn more at hargrave.edu.

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