When his professor collapsed in class, this Eagle Scout performed CPR

Eric Prullage (center) with his parents (left) and Shuqun Zhang and Zhang's wife.

CPR is one of the few Scouting skills you hope you never have to use.

But when University of Missouri student Eric Prullage’s professor collapsed, the Eagle Scout put his first-aid training to the test. His actions likely saved the professor’s life.

On Feb. 2, 2018, Prullage, who turns 23 this month, was in his biochemistry lab with nine other students.

The students were “performing experiments at their lab tables when they heard a loud noise and turned around to find that their professor, Shuqun Zhang, had suffered a major cardiac event and collapsed to the floor,” according to this story from Mizzou News, an official communications outlet for the university.

The senior immediately called 911 and administered CPR, “which he had learned as an Eagle Scout,” the story says.

Prullage acted quickly, stayed calm and knew the right way to render aid. In short, he did what you’d expect a Scout to do.

But despite his heroic act, Prullage doesn’t think he deserves all this praise.

“I’d like to think I just did what anybody else would do in that situation,” he told Mizzou News.

In short, he said what you’d expect a Scout to say.

A full recovery

Zhang was in a coma for 12 days, and, after a few months of rest, he returned to the classroom. Doctors declared he had made a full recovery.

“If Eric hadn’t called 911 and done CPR right away, I don’t think I ever would have been able to come back to teach,” Zhang told Mizzou News. “When blood stops flowing to the brain, brain cells start to die due to the lack of oxygen.”

Prullage graduated this month with a degree in biochemistry.

It’s just the latest great accomplishment for this young man who earned Scouting’s highest honor on March 20, 2012, as a member of Troop 11 of Jefferson City, Mo., part of the Great Rivers Council.

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