Scouts who become Explorer Academy Ambassadors get a free book and pin

Even after 130 years of headline-making exploration, National Geographic has entered new territory: children’s fiction.

Explorer Academy, a new book series for young readers ages 8 to 12, blends real-world science and exploration with thrilling tales of adventure.

The first book in the Explorer Academy seven-part series is The Nebula Secret, to be published in September, but Scouts can get their hands on a copy even sooner.

Young people who register to become Explorer Academy Ambassadors at this link will receive an advance paperback edition, a collectible Explorer Academy pin, and five chapter samplers to give away to friends or classmates.

Pretty awesome, right? But hurry, because this opportunity is limited to the first 100 applicants.

More about the Explorer Academy series

Young readers will enter the world of 12-year-old Cruz Coronado as he and 23 kids from around the globe train to become the next generation of great explorers. They’ll embark on critical, sometimes dangerous missions— all while worrying about stuff like homework and curfews. Plus, Cruz has an even bigger mission to figure out who is out to get him and why.

As director J. J. Abrams says, “It’s sure to be an action-packed ride that kids will love.”

Parents will appreciate the subtle ways the books’ lessons parallel BSA values, such as honesty, bravery, teamwork, and conservation.

What’s cool about the Explorer Academy series

  • The book is the first title published by Under the Stars, a new fiction imprint from National Geographic Kids Books. These fictional stories mirror the research and adventures of National Geographic’s leading scientists, photographers and journalists.
  • The books are considered “fact-based fiction,” meaning the stories are grounded in real science and technology. The scenarios are futuristic, but they aren’t outlandish.
  • At the back of each book, readers can meet several real-life National Geographic explorers and learn about the explorers’ work relevant to the story they just read.
  • The series inspires young people to be curious, get excited about reading, observe their world, embrace diversity, be adventurous and be good stewards of the planet’s resources.

The mission

Are your young readers ready to become Explorer Academy Ambassadors? Here’s what to do:

Step 1Go here to sign up and receive an advance copy of Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret, as well as a first-edition pin and chapter samplers to share with friends.

Step 2: Jump into the world of Explorer Academy by reading the book.

Step 3: Once finished, come back to this site to share a short book review. Your review might be featured online or in Boys’ Life magazine.

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