Can you ace this ‘Jeopardy!’ category about merit badges?

Among the Boy Scouts of America’s 137 different merit badges, you’ll find some classics like Bugling, First Aid and Forestry.

You’ll also find merit badges like Game Design, Digital Technology and Programming that couldn’t have existed last century.

It’s those badges that caught the eye of the clue writers at Jeopardy!, the iconic game of answers and questions that’s watched by 23 million viewers each week.

On the Feb. 22, 2018, episode, viewers were treated to a category called “21st Century Boy Scout Merit Badges.”

Unfortunately, they ran out of time before all five answers were revealed. But we did see four, and they were excellent.

The contestants got all four right. Can you?

Find the answers below, followed by the correct questions.

Test yourself: 21st Century Boy Scout Merit Badges

$400: To receive the badge for this activity, you join two metal plates and inscribe your initials.

$600: The “S-A-R” on the badge created in 2012 stands for this lifesaving process.

$800: The Robotics merit badge depicts this planet, but you can earn it on Earth.

$1,000: That’s a GPS unit on the badge for this new 10-letter orienteering hobby.

Scroll for the correct questions…

The correct questions

$400: What is Welding?

$600: What is Search and Rescue?

$800: What is Mars?

$1,000: What is Geocaching?

You write the $200 answer.

Since we didn’t get to see the $200 answer, you get to write one!

Challenge each other in the comments with your own merit badge-related answer. See if your fellow commenters can guess the correct question. Go!

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