Bryan on Scouting

Meet 108 Scouts who became famous

The Boy Scouts of America turned 108 years young on Feb. 8, 2018.

What do you get the youth movement that has everything? A list of 108 Scouts who became famous.

The list includes presidents and Pulitzer Prize recipients, astronauts and athletes, celebrities and CEOs.

Two notes before we begin:

  1. The list is woefully incomplete. With millions of Scouting alumni out there, any list of this length is going to leave some people off. Please leave a comment with the most glaring omissions.
  2. If the famous person is an Eagle Scout, I’ve indicated that in parentheses. When available, I’ve included the Eagle year as listed in the National Eagle Scout Association database.

Astronauts, explorers and inventors

Athletes, coaches and sports executives

Authors and journalists

Civil rights leaders


Politicians and public officials

Business leaders

Soldiers and war heroes