September is BSA Month at Bass Pro Shops

If you live in one of the 32 states with a Bass Pro Shops location, listen up.

September is the eighth annual Boy Scouts of America Month at Bass Pro Shops. The retailer of fishing, boating, camping and shooting supplies has a month of activities planned to support Scouting.

All month long, Bass Pro Shops will encourage people to join our movement, offer merit badge classes and allow shoppers to “Round Up for Boy Scouts.” That last effort encourages people to round their total to the nearest dollar, with the extra change going straight to Scouting — half to the BSA’s National Council and half to local councils.

To find your nearest Bass Pro Shops location, click here.

Earn a merit badge at Bass Pro

At nearly all of its U.S. locations*, Bass Pro Shops will help Scouts work toward the Fishing, Fish & Wildlife Management, and Rifle Shooting merit badges.

Classes are taught beginning at 6 p.m. local time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on this schedule:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 5 – Fishing MB
  • Wednesday, Sept. 6 – Rifle Shooting MB
  • Thursday, Sept. 7 – Fish and Wildlife Management MB
  • Tuesday, Sept. 12 – Rifle Shooting MB
  • Wednesday, Sept. 13 – Fish and Wildlife Management MB
  • Thursday, Sept. 14 – Fishing MB
  • Tuesday, Sept. 19 – Fish and Wildlife Management MB
  • Wednesday, Sept. 20 – Fishing MB
  • Thursday, Sept. 21 – Rifle Shooting MB
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26 – Fishing MB
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27 – Rifle Shooting MB
  • Thursday, Sept. 28 – Fish and Wildlife Management MB

Bass Pro Shops did share this word of advice: Class size is limited. You or your Scouts should call the nearest Bass Pro Shops and register for a merit badge class over the phone.

For more information, go to

*Merit badge classes and donations are available at all U.S. locations, except Islamorada, Fla.; Branson, Mo.; and the Outlet store in Springfield, Mo.


  1. I couldn’t find the info on bass pro shops website, will they allow youth working on fishing or shooting sports ranger electives participate? In other words is this for “boy scouts” or all members of the Boy Scouts of America who are old enough by BSA rules for these activities?

  2. Wow! The ultimate MB Mill.
    Or maybe should we call it “Buy a MB at Bass Pro Shops”?
    I wonder what MB will be “on Sale” next month?
    I hope that it really is not that way, but it sure sounds like it.
    Plus even a call to a store reveals the you can earn it in ONE DAY, with NO PRE WORK needed!
    If BSA that desperate for money, just start selling direct from National Supply? No middleman.
    Why earn a MB when you can just buy it while Dad shops at Bass Pro Shops?

    • I don’t see where they said it would be completed in one day, as a matter of fact it says “work toward”, which usually means a partial. Especially in the case of Fishing merit badge, I don’t know how many Bass Pro Shops have a stocked lake out back. However, I wish instead of money going to National, I wish there would be a discount for scouts making purchases instead.

      • Actually, Bass and Cab__ do have large tanks with many game fish. They both have large displays with stuffed animals and birds [great for learning names and identification prior to going out in the field]. Quite educational. 🎓

    • The “Round Up for Boy Scouts” isn’t payment for merit badges or merit badge classes. It is an opportunity for customers (any customer) purchasing store merchandise to round up their purchase totals at the register to the next even dollar, the proceeds of which go to Scouting. This is a common fundraising activity for retailers.

    • My son took the fishing and rifle classes a few years ago. They were very good in-depth classes taught by employees who were registered merit badge counselors. It might depend on your location, but they were unable to complete either badge. It was a far cry from buying a merit badge.

      • We just attended the fishing one and it was not done by a MBC. In fact, when I asked, the guy said this, was his first time teaching anything and it was not hands on by any means. He did sign off on all requirements though so we will be redoing our blue cards.

    • Actually, I would not call them a mill. My son did fishing there a while back. They do not do all the requirements there. They do not do the actual fishing nor the cooking portion of the requirements. They then refer the scout to a local MB Counselor to finish up. I felt they did a really good job of doing the instructional and knot tying portion. They brought an extreme set of examples of gear and had real experts do the teaching.

    • I tried to sign our boys up last year but only found out that they only do the paperwork/book information towards the merit badge. the actual hands-on catching a fish or the actual rifle shooting part you have to do that elsewhere.

    • I also called and was told that it would be complete in one day. I know that they do NOT have a riffle range so I don’t understand how they can sign off on that requirement. I can’t imagine they are going to “catch & release” for the fishing MB in their tanks.

  3. I called our Bass Pro, and was told that they’d complete the Merit Badge in one evening. I’m really hoping that the person I spoke with was wrong, because for fishing they’d have to bust out the grills and have a stocked pond on site (possible), and or fish and wildlife conservation, there is no way that they can be completed within one day.

  4. I doubt that the average store associate answering a phone call about these merit badge classes knows enough about those merit badges to answer questions about whether they will be completed in one evening. They just know that the class is offered on just one evening.

  5. Is there a Girl Scout Month at Bass Pro? Many of our girls enjoy the same activities they are listing for Boy Scouts and I know my troop has personally dropped a lot of money in their store!

    • Jason, This may be your local store’s policy. Our store does not offer a discount. I knew I had seen it in a scouting article/comments, so I called the corporate customer service and they told me that there is no discount for BSA members. There are a only few select stores that may offer a discount.

      This is not meant in any way to minimize the contribution of Bass Pro. I’m thankful that they offer opportunities for education and contributions to scouting. I just wanted to throw this out there in case others run into issues getting the discount.

  6. I don’t understand why some hater always makes a stupid uninformed comment that then dominates the conversation. Anyone who really knows the program is aware of the merit badge mills out there. But they also know that they are the exception rather than the rule.
    I donate and spend a good bit of time and money to BSA and have for over 40 years. If I believed the “buy a merit badge” remark I’d do all possible to put an end to it but this just isn’t the case. Please do some research so you have your facts straight before shooting your mouth off.

  7. I think Scout recruiting in September is big everywhere, and as it states it is “Bass Pro” Scout Month and they encourage kids to join Scouting.

  8. For three years now, our Shooting Sports Committee has supported the Rifle MB class at BP. We are getting better at coordinating with BP each year, and will continue to improve. Until seeing this article, I did not know that the schedule was set by BP as a National event.

    BP, please provide months of additional lead time! We volunteers often set schedules six months or more in advance, and finding out about your in-store classroom needs only a month ahead makes it problematic to fill the times.

  9. It sounds to me that this is a life lesson on being thankful. Be thankful that BPS is partnering with BSA to assist with working on merit badges, as many scouts don’t have dad’s to help them. Be thankful that BSA was chosen to receive proceeds through BPS. I for one am not going to show my Eagle Scout sons the adult ungrateful comments. It is downright embarrassing and not how I teach my boys how to act. FOR SHAME!

  10. I’d hazard a guess that the people answering phones at the specific stores saying that the merit badge would be completed in one day are not experts on the requirements (nor do they need to be). In actuality, what they are more likely saying is that the requirements they’ll be teaching will be accomplished in one of the sessions they offer for each badge so the youth doesn’t have to attend all four times the class is offered during the month.

    Not every location has the needed facilities to catch, clean and cook fish, nor do they all have rifle ranges on site. it would be difficult to complete the MB on site in one evening.

  11. BSA gets plenty of money with its overpriced stores. 3 years in and you need to buy a whole new uniform. I should know as I am a Cubmaster with two boys involved. Uniforms are way too pricey! They make enough to support councils with our guilt to sell popcorn too.

  12. Smile. – 😊 – To avoid misunderstanding, maybe Bass and BSA-Irvine should consider some type of a joint statement. It should include a “thank you” to the Bass Proshop organization.
    Thinking down the road a way, is the someone high in the Bass management (ownership?) that is deserving of recognition for their involvement and support of Scouting? 🏅

    Maybe next year, Bass Proshops could think about including AMERICAN BUSINESS Merit Badge in their offering. They have a good story about building a small Missouri bate & tackle shop 🎣 into a nation wide chain 💰 and on the verge of buying out their major competitor Cab__.

  13. My scouts have done MB’s at Bass Pro and they were well taught by MBC’s. The woman teaching rifle shooting worked in the hunting department, was a MBC and formerly was a shooting instructor in the US Army. What more could you want. It was made clear to the boys that the fishing was a partial because they would have to go out and still catch fish. All very clear, all done by the book. Great resource for Scouts.

  14. My son just finished doing the partial fishing MB at Bass Pro Shops. It was about three hours long. They allowed the parents to stay in the room while while the class was going on. They were not able to complete any requirement that needed physical activity. The young man teaching the class was very knowledgable, kept the Scouts engaged, had merit badge worksheets for them to fill in, and had many tools to teach them. Even I learned things I didn’t know. My son was so happy about the class that he said he can’t wait to go back and do another one. He’ll have to wait till next year because the rest of the classes are full.

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