What to expect at the 2017 National Jamboree stadium shows

Jamboree shows are a big reason these quadrennial events are so epic.

Tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters gather to laugh, get inspired and rock out to some great music. Shows are a visual reminder that, as Scouts, we’re part of something bigger than our own troops and councils.

The stadium shows at the 2017 National Jamboree will be some of the best yet, and the entertainment acts scheduled to perform are sure to thrill Scouts and Venturers.

While the Jamboree Shows Team won’t spoil the surprise about who will perform, they did give me some insight into how these acts were chosen. Scouts will like knowing they didn’t poll a bunch of Scoutmasters.

I also have some news on what you’re supposed to wear to Saturday night’s opening show. Hint: It’s time to show off your city or state pride.

Who’s performing at the 2017 Jamboree?

At past National Jamborees, big-name bands like The Beach Boys, Switchfoot and 3 Doors Down have rocked out.

To select 2017’s performers, the Jamboree Shows Team asked Jamboree participants whom they wanted to see as part of the AT&T Stadium Experience.

The team chose Jamboree performers based on the Scouts’ recommendations.

When are the shows?

There are three big shows at the AT&T Summit Stadium:

  • 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, July 22: Celebration of Scouting Show, which is open to visitors
  • 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Monday, July 24: Fellowship & Service Show
  • 7:30 to 9:45 p.m. Thursday, July 27: Farewell Show

Jamboree participants and staffers won’t want to miss a single one. But the Saturday night opening show could be the best show in Jamboree history.

What should we wear to the opening show?

The opening show will be a Scout’s first taste of how awesome the Jamboree will be.

This year, Scouts and Scout leaders are asked to showcase their local pride by wearing hats, shirts or other accessories specific to their council or area.

Please ask your youth leaders to brainstorm some ideas of “flair apparel” items that represent something unique in your council or city. Texans might wear cowboy hats, while Scouts from Green Bay could don cheeseheads.

Other than ensuring that your flair is Scout-appropriate and not prohibitively expensive for your Scouts, there are no rules. So be creative.

The most attention-grabbing accessories will be sure to inspire the show’s camera operators to get shots of your group on the big screens, live, in front of tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters.

What other entertainment can we expect?

One of the most exciting and engaging new events for Scouts happening at the 2017 Jamboree will be the Base Camp Bashes.

Beginning around 8 p.m. on nonshow nights, these 90-minute pop-up experiences will be a combination of a concert, dance party and variety show, aimed at getting everyone fired up.

Base Camp Bashes bring the stage and talent right to you in your base camps. After dinner, Scouts won’t have to travel far to have one of their most memorable nights at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

In all, the Stadium Experience Team is responsible for 28 different shows in 19 locations over 10 days.

Learn more about the Jamboree

For details about the Jamboree, including how to join the fun as a visitor, go to the official site.


      • Outstanding! I was able to catch A Shining Light in 2010 from our council offices where we had a viewing party, and managed to visit for the second arena show in 2013.

        I really hop Mike Rowe is back this time!

  1. In many places, at many events, it is often mentioned that “What happens/is said at the XYZ , stays at the XYZ.” That is not the case at The Summit. Please Note:

    I think, as a past Jamboree staffer, I should mention that What Happens at the Jamboree goes out to the world. It is much like the internet. NOTHING will stay “private” or be “forgotten” any time soon. The shows, the activities, the Scouts…. it is all there for the world to see, online, basically all the time.
    SOMEBODY will be cellphoning it, and casting it out on the WWWeb waters…..
    hey, a new Scout meaning for WWW, other than OA.

    Good Jambo to you !

  2. They need to have Mike Rowe back – I only saw his presentation on the internet, but it is something every scout needs to see with regard to career planning

  3. With three Jamborees under the belt (Irvine, Idaho, Virginia), I’d advise particpants not to miss anything. But with so many things happening and to do, memory might play tricks and you might not recall even sleeping, much less all those great activities. But, even if there’s excessive precipitation (hey, old timers, remember “More Rain Park?), a great time will be had by all.

  4. Note to the Stadium Experience Team: PLEASE require the entertainers to adhere to Scouting values and put a clause in their contract that they don’t get paid if they violate them during the show. At the 2015 World Jamboree in Japan the “big” act band was shouting out F-bombs etc. that ruined the evening. Somebody messed up big time!

    I’ve been on the Arena Show/Stadium Experience staff for two Jamborees and I know how great it can be. One of the high points of 2010 was Alex Boye’s rockin’ performance of “Born to Be a Scout”. 75,000 audience members on their feet dancing – now THAT’s entertainment!

    • Note to self: suggest venturers hold an ethical controversy about how to comport themselves if found at a concert that elevates obscenity.

  5. I hope two big glaring RED ALERT dangers from 2013 arena shows are fixed:
    – Ran out of water in the hot blazing sun. Fortunately no one died this time. But it happened before and could happen again.

    – The exit routes were massively clogged with people. Scouts started pushing – an accidental trampling could have happened at any moment.

  6. Remember, and let your Scouts know, that with the dramatically different tastes in music in this amazing nation, the trick of getting performers who appeal to a wide audience, and who will be willing to perform for a typically “wholesome” group can be a nightmare for organizers. Somebody will agitate for hip-hop, somebody will sneer at anything that’s not country, or metal, or alternative rock and six other genres I don’t even recognize. On that same topic, remind your troops and crews that anything with explicit lyrics (even if beeped) is not something to be played on their mini speakers back in the site. That being said…Imagine Dragons is cool even to this 60+ year old! Fingers crossed!

  7. I remember in 1973 in Farragut Idaho when I was on youth staff we had probably one of the greatest shows of all time. As I recall, we had Bob Hope, Miss America and John Denver. I had to help protect the stage from the onrush of scouts wanting to see them “up and personal”. An incredible experience. I’ve also been to jamborees in 2005 as an asst. scoutmaster, 2013 and the coming 2017 on medical staff.
    Every jamboree I have been to has been extremely hot during the shows. So bring plenty of water and start hydrating early. I hate dealing with heat exhaustion and cramps with youth. It can really ruin your day.

  8. when do you expect to actually announce what/who the entertainment will be? In 2013, it was announced well in advance.

  9. The first show was not streamed live/ will it be posted so we can watch it now? will the 24th show be streamed?

  10. The speakers were great at the opening and closing shows, but the bands were total hot garbage. They say that Scouts chose the acts, but Jambo planners must have given Scout (2000 is the number I keep hearing) a list of B grade opening acts to choose from. While Jambo as a whole was great, the Stadium Shows, with the exception of Trump, TOTALLY underwhelmed, with audible groans of disappointment from the Scouts when the acts were announced. If announced before showtime, a great many Scouts would have remained in their camps and traded patches.

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