Scouts Then and Now, Chapter 9

Sam, Jack and Ben, triplets from Texas

Welcome to Scouts Then and Now, a Bryan on Scouting blog series. The premise is simple. I share two photos of the same Scout or Venturer: once in his or her early Scouting years (Cub Scout, younger Boy Scout, younger Venturer) and again in his or her later Scouting years (Life Scout, Eagle Scout, older Venturer).

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Jack from Tennessee
William from Oklahoma
Joshua, Colby, Tyler and Jacob from Mississippi
Cameron and Mason from North Carolina
Adam from West Virginia
Sam, Jack and Ben, triplets from Texas
Michael from Illinois
Benjamin from Virginia
Josh from New Jersey
Nathan from Texas
Kit, former Sea Scout and current Sea Scout leader

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  1. A friendship made through Scouting is a life long connection. The strongest are those made as youth which carry forward into adulthood. I have been VERY lucky to have had a few of those friendships. They were/are closer than brothers. Friendships made through the Exploring program are also the same. I met my wife when she was 15. Married her when she was ……(better not say) but I’m now 60 and we’ve been married for 25 years. The Scouting family and friendships can be strong and long lasting.

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