What was the average age of 2016 Eagle Scouts?

Eagle Scouts are getting older, and that’s not a bad thing.

In 1949, the average age of Eagle Scouts was 14.6 years. In 2016, that number was 17.35 years old. (That’s 17 years, 127.75 days.)

I see two explanations.

First, young men are staying in Scouting longer, meaning they’re enjoying the program and not feeling the rush to earn Eagle until they see their 18th birthday on the horizon.

But also today’s teen is busier than ever, with school, sports, church, friends and a job all competing for his time.

That average Eagle Scout age has been pretty consistent in recent years. Indeed, the change from 2015 to 2016 was just 0.01 years — or 3.65 days.

2009 17 years, 116.8 days
2010 17 years, 87.6 days
2011 17 years, 116.8 days
2012 17 years, 84.0 days
2013 17 years, 87.6 days
2014 17 years, 113.2 days
2015 17 years, 124.1 days
2016 17 years, 127.8 days

Discussion question: How does this compare to the age of Eagle Scouts in your troop?

What’s the regional breakdown?

On average, Eagle Scouts are younger in the Western Region and older in the Northeast.

     Western 17 years, 29.2 days
     Southern 17 years, 113.2 days
     Central 17 years, 164.3 days
     Northeast 17 years, 200.8 days

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Hat tip: Thanks to the BSA’s Mike Lo Vecchio for the data.

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