When a car crashed near this Eagle Scout, he became a real-life superhero

Bennett earned Scouting’s highest honor in 2015 as a member of Troop 216 of the Fort Worth-based Longhorn Council.

The great power of the Eagle Scout badge comes with great responsibility. Once you first wear it, you never really take it off.

Just look at Cameron Bennett. The Fort Worth, Texas, 19-year-old has been known to wear the Spider-Man costume around the campus of Texas Wesleyan University, where he’s a student.

That fun hobby took a serious turn last month when Bennett heard the sounds of a car crash nearby.

One of the cars had landed upside down with two people trapped inside, and the Eagle Scout took immediate action.

“I hear somebody screaming, so I didn’t have any time to think,” he told WFAA-TV. “My body just moved, and I sprinted over to the car.”

The door wouldn’t budge, so Bennett used what must have been superhuman strength to force it open and pull the occupants free. The passengers ended up with only minor injuries.

“In the moment I didn’t think,” he said. “I was like, ‘Somebody needs my help. I have to help these people.’ So you just move.”

Let’s see. A teenager who assists others and has a sort of “Spidey sense” that helps him be in the right place at the right time? Yeah, he’s Spider-Man.

(Note: As of press time I could not confirm whether Bennett can scale walls or shoot webs from his wrists.)

Bennett’s friend, Marissa Quintanilla, saw the heroism unfold.

“What he did didn’t surprise me at all,” Quintanilla told WFAA. “Because that’s the kind of person he is.”

That’s the kind of person Scouts are.

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