12 classic Scouting cartoons from 1969

A bugle alarm clock replacement, a Good Turn at the soda shop and the sweet reason to select a Den Mother are among the witty subjects in this latest batch of Scouting magazine cartoons.

This grouping comes from 1969, and I found 12 great Scouting-themed cartoons printed that year in the magazine for BSA leaders.

This is stop No. 5 in our tour of Scouting cartoons of the 1960s. So far I’ve shared cartoons from:

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Take a look at the cartoons, and tell me which ones still ring true today.

1969-scouting-cartoon-beekeeping 1969-scouting-cartoon-world-jamboree-friendship-exchange 1969-scouting-cartoon-6-boy-scouts-no-waiting 1969-scouting-cartoon-the-sweet-shop 1969-scouting-cartoon-lost-at-the-payphone 1969-scouting-cartoon-piggy-bank 1969-scouting-cartoon-welcome-to-the-us 1969-scouting-cartoon-alarm-clock 1969-scouting-cartoon-aspirin 1969-scouting-cartoon-cookies 1969-scouting-cartoon-tailgating 1969-scouting-cartoon-shoveling

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