Actually, you probably will believe what these five mom bloggers said about Scouting (but read this anyway)

You won’t believe what these five moms are saying about Scouting!

That was my original, clickbait-approved headline for this post.

But when I got to thinking about it, I realized that you probably will believe what these five Scout moms had to say about the program we all love. Their passion for Scouting probably matches your own.

A mom in Tennessee wrote that she appreciates how Scouting welcomes parental involvement “instead of just dropping your son off.” A Texas mom loves how Scouting brings together boys with a diverse set of skills and interests. A mom in New York says that in a packed schedule that includes school, soccer and ice skating, Scouts is “the one thing we wouldn’t do without.” Moms in Arizona and Iowa had similarly positive experiences.

Below are just five examples of the way Scouting fervor is spreading across the country. Can you feel it?

Read what the moms said below, and take heart in the fact that what you’re doing as Scout leaders is working.

tennessee-mom1. ‘Activities for boys that build character’

Who: Scarlet, a mom of two from Tennessee

What she said:

  • “It is an extracurricular activity that welcomes family involvement instead of just dropping your son off. It is an extracurricular activity where you son won’t feel pressured to compete and win.”
  • “Scouting is full of fun activities for boys that build character and create a brotherhood of boys playing, working, and learning together. These kinds of extracurricular activities help students develop self-confidence, ethics, and leadership skills.”
  • “I am totally impressed with the way Boy Scouts do their annual popcorn sales. It is such a great way for boys to build self-confidence, learn manners, and reinforce ethical standards.”

Read more: On Scarlet’s blog.

texas-mom2. ‘Scouting brings them all together’

Who: Heather, a mom of two from Texas

What she said:

  • “They get to do life together. Go camping. Learn. Play. Grow. Fail. Succeed.”
  • “They might all have different interests. Some might be baseball players. Some are swimmers. Some are involved in robotics. Some are bookworms and some are outside shooting hoops until bedtime every night. However, Scouting brings them all together.”
  • “When I think of all that Scouting has done for our family over the course of the past few years, I just can’t help but choke up. We’ve made wonderful friendships, bonded even more with extended family and learned valuable skills. We all learn in Cub Scouts. It’s time and money so well spent.”

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new-york-mom3. ‘Good mini-citizens’

Who: Penelope, a mom of two from New York

What she said:

  • “Everything about the Scouts conjured a positive image to me of nature-loving kids who were honest, good mini-citizens who were capable of handling challenging situations.”
  • “There are many ways to learn life skills and build a foundation of character, and for us, Boy Scouts is the best. It’s all encompassing, teaching such a range of skills that result in well-rounded, smart young men capable of a great deal. More importantly, it teaches young boys character, which may be the best lesson of all.”
  • “We plan our schedule for soccer, ice skating, and other activities around Scouts meetings, because for us, Scouts is the most beneficial for young men, and the one thing we wouldn’t do without.”

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arizona-mom4. ‘Skills … used well into adulthood’

Who: Jonna, a mom of four from Arizona

What she said:

“The boys have so much fun while they are learning important skills and gaining attributes that will benefit them throughout life.”

“My den learned how to use a bow and arrow, accomplish a swimming and lifesaving badge, and planned, shopped, and cooked a meal all on their own.”

“My husband is an Eagle Scout, and went through the Boy Scouts of America program when he was a child/teenager, he learned teamwork, leadership, and volunteer service skills that he’s used well into adulthood.”

Read more: On Jonna’s blog.

iowa-mom5. An ‘experience that will shape their character’

Who: Emily, a mom of five from Iowa

What she said:

  • “I have four boys who all are involved in sports, but the Scouts provides a different experience that will shape their character into well-rounded young men.”
  • “Scouting helps youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives.”

Read more: On Emily’s blog.

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