Volunteer creates handy list of requirement page numbers for 13th Boy Scout Handbook

There’s a lot to love about the 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.

There are the 13 things I listed here, and there are many more that didn’t make my list.

But one bit of feedback the BSA has heard about the Handbook is that the rank requirements section (beginning on page 438) doesn’t include page numbers next to each requirement, as it has in past editions.

To be fair, I’m told that was an intentional step designed to encourage Scouts to actually read the Handbook instead of jumping to a specific page.

Nevertheless, the BSA has heard you. Those page numbers will be included in a future edition.

In the meantime, Bob Gayhart, an enterprising volunteer from Peoria, Ill., has prepared a list of the page numbers for each requirement through First Class.

Check it out in this PDF.

What about Star through Eagle?

Those requirements, including earning merit badges and serving in a position of responsibility, aren’t directly tied to a specific page in the Handbook. That’s why Gayhart didn’t include them.

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