With the Scouting magazine app, get every issue ever printed for $4.99 a year

Carry a century of Scouting stories, knowledge and history everywhere you go by downloading the new Scouting magazine app.

With the app, available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices, you can browse every issue of Scouting magazine ever printed — 1913 to today — for just $4.99 a year.

Put another way: A one-year pass to 103 years of Scouting magazine content costs the same as a Venti Mocha Frappuccino.

The app is free and can be downloaded by searching “Scouting magazine (BSA)” in the app store on your tablet or smartphone.

Once inside the app, enjoy a free, two-minute preview of any issue. Or buy any single issue for $3.99.

The best deal, though, is the all-access subscription: unlimited access to every issue for $1.99 a month or $4.99 a year. You can subscribe in the app.

What’s in the Scouting magazine archives?

By swiping through Scouting magazine’s digital archives, you’re literally scrolling back in time. Where you stop to explore deeper is up to you.

Find out why Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the cover of the October 1990 issue. Read a fascinating five-page feature on Norman Rockwell, written by William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt, in the September 1978 issue. Or see a wartime letter from Chief Scout Executive James E. West in December 1942, when he asked Scouts and Scouters to “toughen up, buckle down and carry on to victory.”

I find even the advertisements — for fundraising products like fruitcakes, animal-shaped candles and Florida oranges — to be interesting.

Discover Scouting history, and American history through the eyes of Scouting, in the Scouting magazine app.

What did you find?

What fascinating bits of Scouting history did you discover while exploring? Leave a comment below.

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