How would you handle a Scout who is consistently late to meetings?

Tuesday-TalkbackRight when Troop 55 gets to the “mentally awake” section of the Scout Oath, the meeting room doors crash open.

Everyone’s head turns to see Colton is here. He’s nearly 10 minutes late, as always.

Something must be done to reverse this habit. But what?

Does your pack, troop, team, post, ship or crew have Scouts who consistently arrive late to meetings? If so, what did you (or — better yet — a youth leader) do to address the problem?

Let’s discuss this question — taken from a thread in the Bryan on Scouting forums — for this edition of Tuesday Talkback.

The original poster in the forum writes:

I really need some guidance on this one. I have several Scouts that week after week they come late to our meetings. My senior patrol leader has someone new each week open our meetings, and usually as we finish, these Scouts come waltzing in late. You should know they do not drive; they are 14 to 17 years old. I understand they aren’t driving but they aren’t taking it seriously. I have some ideas, but I would prefer some suggestions.

One poster suggests planning (or asking the SPL or crew president to plan) a fun opening activity — something no young person would want to miss.

Another says to talk to the parents to stress the importance of punctuality. Meetings start on time (and end on time), so you need their help.

What are your thoughts?

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