How a Camp Masters fundraiser is about more than selling popcorn

When a Scout sells a box or tin of Camp Masters popcorn, he’s selling more than just a tasty treat. He’s selling the life-changing Scouting program made possible by fundraisers like the one Camp Masters helps councils and units run each year.

I sat down with Doug Dent, director of marketing for Camp Masters, to learn about what makes his company’s fundraisers a success.

Sure, the popcorn is irresistible (I couldn’t stop eating the caramel corn, myself), but Doug knows selling his company’s product is about more than bite-size goodness. It’s about building Scouts into more confident young men.

For the proof, all he had to do was watch his son.

“When he was a Tiger Cub our first year selling popcorn around the neighborhood, at the first house I practically had to push him in the door he was so nervous and scared,” Doug said. “By the fourth house, he’s like, ‘Dad I got this. Stay in the street.’ To see this kind of confidence building really touched my heart.”

Popcorn doesn’t sell itself — no matter how many times you remind people about the awesome adventures made possible by their purchase. So Doug told me about a unique, exclusive sales program Camp Masters offers its customers. These are proven techniques to help you maximize the profits that support your Scouting program all year long.

Learn about that and more in the short video below.

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  1. My only disagreement with popcorn selling is when it occurs. Usually right after a new recruitment in the fall is not really the best time. I know of a situation where we received a new scout, the parents paid the dues, and then wham here we go with fundraising. The parents rolled their eyes, left with the kid and never returned. What a loss the unit suffered, and what an impression to new parents who just signed up, we want your money.

    Can the time for selling change to avoid instances like this?

  2. This article threw me off for a second because I’ve never heard of Camp Masters popcorn. I initially thought it was an additional popcorn fundraising opportunity beyond the big push annual popcorn sale because out here our popcorn is all from Trail’s End. After looking into it more, it appears that Camp Masters is another of the popcorn vendors that other areas / councils use compared to Trail’s End. Much like how there are two manufacturers of Girl Scout cookies (ABC and Little Brownie).

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