American Legion: We want to help grow Scouting

legion_display_big_lowresThe American Legion has been committed to Scouting ever since its congressional charter in 1919.

In fact, at its first national convention in Minneapolis in November 1919, the Legion passed a resolution in support of the Boy Scouts of America. That makes this organization one of Scouting’s longest-tenured partners.

In 2016, the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization wants to double down on that commitment, saying it will help grow Scouting by chartering new units.

Today, the Legion sponsors 2,448 units serving 61,273 youth. The Legion wants to pair even more interested American Legion posts with BSA council and district leadership.

This renewed commitment fits in well with a service organization whose mission is to mentor youth and sponsor wholesome programs in communities. Their values of patriotism and honor align perfectly with the ideals that the BSA has espoused since 1910.

Lee Shaw, who leads the BSA’s National Alliances team, praised the Legion for setting such a great example.

“The relationship with the American Legion is vitally important to the growth of the Boy Scouts of America,” he says. “As a leading charter partner of community organizations, the American Legion and its Auxiliary have set specific objectives to grow Scouting. This is an example we are encouraging others to follow.”

Scouting’s worth is highlighted on the American Legion website: “This is natural for Legionnaires, who bring their service-learned skills and experiences as veterans to help build character and positive traits in our country’s youth. Few other post activities generate more goodwill from the community.”

The Legion puts its money where its passion is. Each year, one young man is named Eagle Scout of the Year and receives a $10,000 scholarship. Three runners-up each receive $2,500 scholarships.

Thanks to Shayne Abrahams Sr., the Legion’s national liaison, for his efforts with the BSA’s Marcos Nava and Lee Shaw. With the American Legion’s help, Scouting will grow even stronger.

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