What’s new in the May-June 2016 edition of Scouting magazine

The May-June issue of Scouting magazine has us dreaming about the salty ocean air and coastal views enjoyed aboard the Sea Scout Ship Propeller — now arriving in your mailbox! Before the latest issue of Scouting arrives, here’s a sneak peek of the stories you’ll find in its pages.

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Sea-Scout-KetchikanGo aboard the SSS Propeller and join this crew of Sea Scouts as they motor from Seattle to Ketchikan, Alaska — a journey of nearly 700 miles! This story sheds light on the many valuable lessons learned in Sea Scouting. (Hint: They learn more than just nautical skills.) Plus, don’t miss this exclusive video from Sea Scout Ship 2062’s voyage. Troop-111-Fitness

Does your troop or crew have an active trip on the horizon? Get inspired by this story of Troop 111’s group fitness routine that involves the Scouts and adult leaders. This Virginia troop’s weekly workouts build much more than muscle. Use this guide — complete with circuit-style exercises — to get fit with your Scouts.Essential-Knots

Knots are an essential part of Scouting and, as an adult leader, it’s up to you to help teach the next generation of knot-tying Scouts. We’re making it easier for you and your Scouts to learn 10 essential Scouting knots with a series of knot-tying videos. Follow along with your own rope at home, and pretty soon you’ll be an expert!Cub-Scouts-Active-Meeting

Want to know how to make your pack meetings more productive? Just add action! Keep boys busy and on-task with these tips for improving your next pack meeting.

Plus, you’ll find even more stories online and in print, including:

Which story from the May-June 2016 issue of Scouting is your favorite?

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