What was your favorite Wood Badge ticket item?

Tuesday-TalkbackCompleting Wood Badge, the BSA’s adult-leader training course, is a two-step process.

First, Scouters complete the in-person training. This is a six-day experience that’ll open your eyes to the possibilities of Scouting. You’ll leave with skills to make you a more valuable leader for your Scouts.

And then there’s the Wood Badge ticket. This consists of five projects — ticket items — that apply the skills you learned during the in-person Wood Badge training.

Eagle Scout service projects cannot benefit Scouting, but Wood Badge ticket items must. That means Scouters design their ticket items around their primary job in Scouting.

Ticket items cover a range of Scouting efforts. You could staff or plan a council or district event. You could create a troop cookbook. You could complete an advanced training course.

For today’s Tuesday Talkback, I’m interested in hearing about your ticket items. In the comments section below, please describe your favorite Wood Badge ticket item (or two).

And if you haven’t yet taken Wood Badge, contact your local council to register for the experience that “puts the whole of Scouting into perspective.”

Photo from the Circle Ten Wood Badge course of which I’m a staff member. Photo by Don Wendell.

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