Jeep Super Bowl commercial puts Scouting on the world’s biggest stage

Did you see the commercial for Scouting during the Super Bowl last night?

OK, so technically it was an advertisement for Jeep. But the excellent spot, which you can watch below, caught the eye of many former, current and future Scouts when it showed a Webelos Scout shooting a bow and arrow.

“For my country how it all started out,” the song goes. “For the brave and every Boy Scout.”

The ad spotlighted the different kinds of adventures Jeep owners enjoy. It showcased how that company has been a part of America’s identity ever since Jeeps were used to transport soldiers and gear in World War II.

Also part of America’s identity? The Boy Scouts of America, founded Feb. 8, 1910 — 106 years ago today.

A Scouting reference makes sense in a Jeep ad. That’s why the Boy Scouts of America approved the Scouting mention a few months ago, even though at the time the BSA didn’t know the ad was for the Super Bowl.

Talk about a pleasant surprise. A 30-second ad during Super Bowl 50 cost about $5 million, or nearly $170,000 a second. The Scouting mention didn’t last long — just a second or two — but that translated to about $170,000 in free advertising on the world’s biggest stage.

Check out the ad below.

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