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When can adult leaders wear the BSA’s Trained patch?

The BSA’s Trained patch sends a clear message to Scouts, fellow Scouters and parents. It says, “I know what I’m doing.”

So which adult leaders are eligible to wear this badge of honor? It depends on which program you’re in, but there’s one place every adult leader must start: with Youth Protection Training.

Adult leaders in units are considered trained and eligible to wear the official Trained emblem when they have completed Youth Protection Training and the training courses outlined below. They’re also eligible to wear it if they have completed Youth Protection Training and a previous basic training course when it was current.

Here’s everything you need to know about the BSA’s Trained patch:

How do I get trained?

Start at

Who can wear the Trained strip?

What are the program-specific requirements?

These requirements are for adult leaders. The emblem may be worn only in connection with the emblem of office for which training has been completed. In other words, if you’re an assistant Scoutmaster and a Venturing crew Advisor, but you’ve only taken training for the assistant Scoutmaster role, you would only wear the trained patch on your Boy Scout uniform — not on your Venturing uniform.

Which patch should I wear?

There are two versions: one with red letters and one with green letters. Either may be worn with any BSA uniform. It’s the wearer’s choice, though he or she may wish to match other leaders in the unit.

Where do I wear the Trained patch?

For shirts with pocket sleeves, the emblem is worn on the left sleeve pocket flap above the badge of office.

For shirts without pocket sleeves, the emblem is worn on the left sleeve immediately below and touching the emblem of office for which it was earned.

Where do I buy the Trained patch?

At your local Scout Shop or online at the links below.