Is chivalry dead? In hilarious video, Eagle Scout tries to find out

Opening the door for a stranger, doing something nice without being asked and … dancing?

Yes, chivalry is alive and well these dayss, and it takes on many forms.

Few are better equipped to talk about chivalry than Eagle Scouts. Chivalry — the act of being friendly, courteous and kind — is in a Scout’s DNA.

That’s why the Independent Journal video about chivalry — embedded below — is so hilariously brilliant. In the video, Eagle Scout Dave Jorgenson asks strangers whether chivalry is dead and what constitutes chivalry in their minds. He shows his own chivalrous ways and even stops a stranger from smoking! The results are gold.

Jorgenson earned the Eagle Scout award in 2007 as a member of Troop 247 from Merriam, Kan. So he’s kind of an expert on this subject.

Note this important — and flattering — caveat posted with the Independent Journal story: “While this features a real Eagle Scout in uniform, this video is not affiliated with, nor was it produced by, the Boy Scouts of America. We have the utmost respect for the organization, especially their popcorn.”

OK, get your popcorn ready. It’s time to watch. 

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