Walls, a board game devised in Game Design merit badge, now on Kickstarter

Walls-board-game-2Sure, Scouts play games. But there’s a point to it.

Scouts in Utah working on the Game Design merit badge created a fun family board game that employs strategy and luck in an addictive way. Now their Scoutmaster is turning to Kickstarter to bring their game to the world.

The game is Walls. As described on Kickstarter, up to six players try to race through a maze toward the finish line. But here comes the twist: Your opponents are constantly moving the maze walls, blocking your path and clearing their own.

It looks like a ton of fun. And it all started in Scouting. 

“We decided we wanted to do the Game Design merit badge,” Scoutmaster Dustin Fausett writes on the Kickstarter page. “After an hour of brainstorming, we came up with the basic concept of the game.”

As of the time of this writing, Fausett is almost halfway to his fundraising goal of $25,000. He still has 30 days to go.

Though the idea started as part of the Game Design merit badge, I should point out that the Kickstarter project isn’t affiliated with Scouting in any way. If you become a backer, you’re supporting the game (and getting some sweet rewards, including a copy of the game), but you aren’t donating to Scouting.

With that fine print out of the way, take a look at Walls.

Thanks to Dave Banks, author for the GeekDad blog, for the tip.


  1. I’d like to know what the troop or boys get for working on this project that the leader may profit on. I think it is a good learning experience on how the real world works, especially with crowd funding. But they deserve something for their efforts as well.

    • Wow, guess I am not so cynical after all. I had just assumed that the scoutmaster was working with the scouts. Just because they were working on a merit badge doesn’t mean they lost their intellectual property.

    • In this game the walls have one side which is anchored and then can swing around. In the game you linked the walls are placed anywhere and never move. There are other differences as well.

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