New Cub Scout leader training available at

Kick off a new year of Cub Scouting with the training you need to be a successful pack or den leader. This week, the BSA’s Scouting U team has released new Cub Scout leader training in the redesigned LearnCenter available at

Now at, leaders can get trained for their volunteer role without leaving the couch. Complete the courses at your own pace from a home computer or tablet.

The experts at Scouting U found that today’s adult learner prefers to consume smaller chunks of knowledge versus an all-day class, says Steve Yackel, team leader of Instructional Design at Scouting U. Adults also retain more knowledge, he says, if they are given the chance to put their newfound skills into action.

In the LearnCenter, leaders watch a series of eight- to 10-minute interactive videos in three sections: Before the First Meeting, Within 30 Days and Position Trained. The lessons are broken into three sections to allow leaders time to put their newfound knowledge into action.

(Of course, some will decide to complete all training sessions at once, which is the beauty of online training: It’s flexible and adaptable to your schedule and preferences.)

We delve into the details of the LearnCenter’s exciting new features developed by the Scouting U team in the September-October edition of Scouting magazine. Read the feature story here. Plus, keep your eyes out for updated Venturing leader training to be released in the LearnCenter by the end of this year and updated Boy Scouting training coming next spring.

And remember, face-to-face training is still available for those who prefer this style of learning. Check with your council for the next available course.

Need help navigating the LearnCenter? Check out these instructional videos, below:

How to add training to My Learning

How to view and search course catalog

How to navigate My Learning Plan


  1. Bill – when you consider the objective of the LMS is to allow folks more “time” to become trained, by segmenting out the videos they need over an extended period, I think we will see that as the “due dates” for the missing videos approach, we will see them online.

    This is a HUGE improvement over the previous online training. 27 videos for Cubmasters & Assistants, 23 videos for Den Leaders, 22 for Committee members – there is a lot of good knowledge there, all done in bite-sized pieces. So, I wouldn’t get too worries about “checking a box” that someone is trained right away. Let’s hope they learn much more in this process.

    I have completed all the available videos for the three positions – and everyone I watched was well done. I have a few suggestions on the “due dates” for some of the videos (which I will submit) but otherwise, the content is great.

    • Ron, I echo your comments about the improvement of the course content. And 98% of the Cub Scout specific classes are there now and can be taken. I would recommend them to anyone. They are indeed excellent. Much better than the previous online training.

      I also applaud their short 4 to 12 minute class format. That means a class can be taken in between meetings at work or errands at home.

      I also like the idea that courses for one learning plan that are relevant to another learning plan are automatically credited if taken. This means we won’t be retaking content that we already completed just to be credited for another position. This is wonderful!!

    • Definitely an improvement, but the timeline to complete the training doesn’t work with our deadline for recharter. Hope they get the unavailable content available sooner than later!

    • Shawn,
      It’s an option for the busy volunteer. I believe that face-to-face is always best since your questions are answered right away, you build a network of scouters that are in the same boat and you receive a trainer’s name to contact when you need help. Not everyone can get to classes or maybe they aren’t convenient, so on-line training is the next best thing.

      BSA has had lots of program changes over the last few years, so we’re all excited about the new releases!

  2. Started the Cubmaster training last night and was disappointed by not being able to use Firefox and also the amount of steps it takes to get to training, to many different windows having to open to finally start courses. Overall the training is good and easy to obsorb.

    • NOTHING takes the place of face-to-face training. But this will count as completing leader specific training if you can’t make a face to fact class

    • Christopher, I noticed that too. It is compatible with Internet Explorer 9 or later; Safari 5.1 or later; or Google Chrome 17

      I am not sure if it works on all platforms these run on though. Maybe people can tell us what they got the training to work on.

    • It is total insanity trying to navigate to get to the training site, and then completrly nonintuitve to have to go all the way back up to the top of the page to hit the my learnign tab to even foudn the actual course to launch. And hovering, to get the green plus to appear?? Nutso.
      Just plain dumb. Badly designed.

      • Absolutely agree. Very clumsy site. Once you log onto it takes ten clicks to get to a module! Very annoying. Also, there is no way to tell which modules you have completed without clicking on them and trying to launch them. Then, when you go back, the previously expanded “learning plan” has contracted and you have to open it up again. Not user friendly.

    • For the best functionality in the new LMS you will want to use Chrome or Safari.

      The new content that has been built is HTML5 compliant so that it will play on tablets and in 2016 will be able to play on phones. Firefox at this time is not fully functioning in HTML5 so it has more issues than the other browsers.

  3. What I can’t understand is how I was already overdue (Aug 20) on the first Module of the Pack Committee for my position when I the training didn’t come out to Sept 1. Go figure.

  4. I started the Position Specific training a couple nights ago. As a new Den Leader it was very convenient to do it online. I ran it with Google and it works great. I was a bit frustrated when I reached the point of unavailable lessons until I saw it was just released, hopefully they will be ready soon! Anyone have any word on when it might be ready?

      • So to become a trained Den Leader will course codes C41, C42, C61 go away and be replaced by ??? What Course Code will now be used for in person training?

        • For in person training Scouting will now use C42 for call Den Leader positions for recording completion of the face to face course. This can be found on page 4 of the Den Leader Position Specific Training syllabus.

          C41 and C61 will not be entered any longer, but all previous training using these codes is still counted. If a unit key three needs to enter one of these courses as complete for a date prior to September 1, 2015 they will want to use C101.

  5. Besides being very clumsy and difficult to navigate, there is an even bigger problem with this site that I hope will be resolved soon (I have a pending incident # @ Member Care).

    The old online courses are no longer available and one cannot complete the new online courses, so the only way a leader can get trained is by taking an instructor-led course. As a Training Chair with unit re-charter just around the corner and a lot of new Cub Scout leaders, I am concerned that we will have huge numbers of untrained leaders re-chartering.

    Several of the modules in each of the three learning plans (Pack Committee Position Specific Training, Den Leader Position Specific Training, and Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster Position Specific Training) are inaccessible. Each has a page that indicates it is still being developed. I have completed every available module in the new Pack Committee, Den Leader and Cubmaster courses. The modules are now separately listed in my training records in, but none of the three courses show as completed. Since I am not registered in any of those positions, I don’t know for a fact whether would say I am trained or not, but I suspect it would say “untrained.” This means that the only way for a new Cub Scout leader to become “trained” is by taking an instructor-led course. As a practical matter, that means the vast majority of our new leaders will be “untrained” at re-charter.

    It’s really unconscionable that National released an incomplete course that will not result in being “trained.” Especially at this time of year when we are ferociously trying to get all the new Cub Scout leaders trained.

    • It is understandable that volunteers are concerned about the content that is still under development and how it could impact their completion of the Cub Scout leader training. We expect that this content will be added in the next two to three weeks.

      Scouting U expects to add 2 or 3 of the content items this week, and will be releasing the new content on a weekly basis until it is all released. We are currently finishing 8 modules that are in the final stages of development. Please check the “What’s New” page on the BSA Learn Center to keep informed as new content is added. .

      Scouting U apologized for any inconvenience this causes, but everyone in the new Cub Scout delivery team felt it was better to release the new content in this manner, rather than to have leaders continue to take the old training that did not support the new program.

  6. I am seeing the same issues of incomplete modules. Plus all the clicks to get to the training. In other Facebook Forums, I am hearing same complaints. A few people have been calling in to Member Services. However, one person reported that the CSR “thinks” that the BSA is aware of it. This is after explaining in detail the issue so the CSR understood what the issue really was.

    As to the Training Codes. It will be C42 for Den Leaders. Cubmaster stays the same. This is coming from our Ast Council Commissioner for Cubscouts & Commissioner College. She also went to PTC in 2014 for the 411 Course. A bit miffed at keeping the same codes. You would think that they would change with the new courses. Just like the Older Scoutmaster Training.

    It would be good to have the Training Times and Commissioner websites of to have an update. Even to send out an email blast to all Council Training Chairs advising them of this issue.

    • There are a few other issues as well. My Webelos I leader was taking Den Leader Position Specific 11 Modules and skipping over the material in First 30 days, and Before First Meeting because he is an experienced Leader and would miss all the information in these 2 tarinings and there is some really good stuff in them. The cousre names need to be renamed so they are not skipped over. I also notice that the training that is showing up is the individual modules not the specific course, in other words 14 modules and not leader specific.

      • I think the trend is to have it for all Den Leaders and one time based training to cover the whole time within the Pack. Just like SM/ASM Training. Take it once and you are done. Having a training for each rank was a lot to ask and do. There is a lot of new stuff there that people can get confused on what is needed to take, even when they are experienced DLs.

  7. Where can I find Webelos leader training?? I have seen people say it’s available in the new modules but I can’t find in anywhere. HELP!! My OCD brain can’t take that me training on 75%

    • MariaK – Webelos training is included in the NEW Den Leader Training, there is no longer a seperate training for Tiger, Cub Scout, or Webelos. All are included in the NEW Den Leader Tarining. Remember to take all 3 courses, Before 1st meeting, Within 30 days and Den Leader Specific.

  8. The leader training modules are in place for Cub leaders and Venturing leaders. Does anyone know when the Boy Scout leader trainings will be online? While I realize that face-to-face is preferred, my schedule has not permitted me to attend the Scoutmaster Specific trainings in my council.

  9. My new Leaders are trying to get trained, and we have to do it quickly to be allowed to start a Lion Den. I was appalled to find out that there are so many modules now with the new system! I know I did not spend hours and hours taking my den leader training a few years ago. Why is there so much more required now?! Getting volunteers to lead is hard enough, but to ask them to set aside hours and hours for training is really too much!

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