MSU Dairy Store keeps it cool with special NOAC 2015 ice cream flavor

MSU-Dairy-Store-2When Brooke Bebow got to work this morning, there were already Arrowmen waiting at the door.

It was 8 a.m., and the MSU Dairy Store wouldn’t open for another hour. But these Arrowmen were eager to taste the ice cream everyone at NOAC is talking about. (Apparently 9 a.m. is an appropriate time to eat ice cream? Noted.)

Store manager Bebow says the MSU Dairy Store, which makes and sells ice cream and cheese as part of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, is busy during the school year — but only in spurts.

At NOAC, though, it’s been “a little more crazy, from open to close,” she says. Bebow brought in extra staff to handle the crowds. Five college-age workers maintain their smiles as they busily serve shakes, scoops, cups and cones to a steady stream of Arrowmen.

MSU-Dairy-Store-3Among the favorite flavors when I visited were chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chunk and NOAC Centennial Swirl.

MSU Dairy Store designed the NOAC Centennial Swirl flavor just for this event, of course. It’s cake batter ice cream with a red swirl — perfect for celebrating the Order of the Arrow’s 100th birthday.

Arrowman Jack Adamson of the Middle Tennessee Council’s Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge opted for the commemorative flavor.

Adamson attended the 2012 NOAC, which was also held at Michigan State. He tried the MSU Dairy Store ice cream in 2012 and was eager for a return trip.

“I went here last NOAC, and I’ve been waiting three years for this ice cream and telling everyone about it,” he says. “It was worth the wait.”


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Photos by Robbie Rogers

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