Here’s a comic strip about Scouting that only Scouters will understand

Covey-Logic-6Those funny, heartwarming, only-in-Scouting moments make this program unlike any other.

That inspired Arwen Spor, a Scouter from Nevada, to create a Scouting-themed comic strip she calls Covey Logic.

She posts a comic or two each week about a range of Scouting subjects: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, camping, advancement, Wood Badge and more.

Some are laugh-out-loud funny. Others will make you nod in agreement because you’ve been there, done that. Still others remind you why you spend “an hour a week” volunteering.

The common thread: You need to be a Scouter to understand them. And I mean that as the highest praise.

Meet the artist

ArwenSpor, pictured here, has been involved in Scouting for 10 years. She has served as a den leader, pack trainer, district trainer and unit commissioner. Right now she’s a district commissioner in the Nevada Area Council.

“Oh, and a Scout mom to a Bear Cub and two future Scouts and a wife to a Scoutmaster,” she adds.

In other words, she knows the subject well enough to give it some playful prodding.

She does sell some of her artwork but mainly just does this for fun.

“My husband says I should do a book when I have enough, but I don’t know,” Spor says. “I just like making people smile.”

Her inspiration

Spor attended Wood Badge two years ago and is a proud Bobwhite. She noticed that “good Bobwhite stuff is really, really hard to find.” So this art major started drawing Bobwhites and other critters shortly after getting back from her Wood Badge course.

The comic strip about Scouting was inspired by Spor’s friend, a Buffalo who was her district executive. When you see a Buffalo in her comics, it’s probably him.

“He moved on to a different council last year, and I was really sad to see him go,” Spor says, “so I was drawing these comic-style critters for him, and they just kind of turned into a whole comic.”

In the end, Spor’s comic is all about preserving those funny, heartwarming moments you only find in Scouting.

“I love the camaraderie Scouting creates, and Covey Logic is just another extension of that for me,” she says.

Five of my favorites

See five of my favorite comics below. Then be sure to like Spor’s page to get even more of these.

All credit goes to Arwen Spor. A Scout is courteous, so please ask for permission before using Spor’s work.


Covey-Logic-2 Covey-Logic-3 Covey-Logic-4 Covey-Logic-5

See the complete collection of comics here.

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