10 reasons a week at Scout summer camp beats a week at the office

Your coworkers who haven’t been to Scout summer camp themselves will never understand.

“You’re spending a week outside with a bunch of kids? And you’re sleeping in a tent? Are you crazy?”

But you get it. You know that while your coworkers wade through email, yawn through another teleconference and fill out the gazillionth Excel spreadsheet, you’ll be living it up the way Scouters do.

You’re maximizing your vacation time this summer at Scout camp.

Whether you go for a weekend with your Cub Scout pack or a week with your Boy Scout troop or Venturing crew, it sure beats being at the office.

Here are 10 reasons why. The answers come from our friends on the Scouting magazine Facebook page.


1. You’re at a place where songs and skits are encouraged.

“We break into chants, songs and skits at camp. Never have I seen this at the office!”

– Kris H.


2. You get to unplug for a week.

“No Internet, no Wi-Fi, minimal cell service. Disconnected from the real world. Just Scouting in the woods.”

– Tad M.


3. You get to witness young people grow into adults.

“As much work as it is, watching the boys grow as individuals, patrols and as a troop makes it all worth it. Plus any day in the woods, let alone a week, is better than any day in the office!”

– Ryan R.

“People at the office are who they are. They have already ‘become.’ At summer camp you get to watch boys grow into men. It is especially fun to watch the change in first-year Scouts as they learn that they can do more than they are allowed to do at home. The confidence just soars.”

– John H.


4. You make lifelong memories.

“It is the one week each year that my boys (currently a Bear and a Wolf) talk about — nonstop — for the other 51 weeks! We make memories and have experiences that last a lifetime.”

– Crystal B.


5. You get time with your son or daughter.

“Last year, my Cub Scout was having a rough time, so we departed camp a day early after breakfast. I drove no further than a mile down the road before he begged me to go back. We made it back in time to go to the row boats on the lake. Later that night at the campfire, the camp director had a microphone and would ask kids what their favorite event at camp was, and mine answered ‘Row-boating with my dad.’ Already signed up for resident camp, and I’m volunteering for day camp. The only thing that would prevent me from attending either one is the sudden end of the world. There are many ‘offices,” but I only have one son.”

– James N.

“My boys are growing up fast. I don’t want to miss their achievements. Plus seeing how Cub Scouts take in everything when at camp is the best!”

– Krista A.


6. You experience something good for the mind and soul.

“Imagine how much it would cost to sit or lie on a therapist couch for a full week 24/7 then compare the cost of a week of summer camp. It’s a no-brainier.”

– Glenn T.


7. You see young people become leaders.

“Because at camp when someone asks me a question I can always answer, ‘have you asked your patrol leader, and the SPL?’ Truly seeing the boys grow from year to year is the best part.”

– Michael B.

“Just to see the Scouts take charge of themselves is the most wonderful experience one can have.”

– Clara S.


8. You avoid stress for a week.

“Summer camp in the woods for a week … no stress, no demands, totally relaxing!”

– Carol G.

“Camping, hiking, sun, nature, singing, acting like a kid, no cell service, no computer … gosh, the list goes on and on.”

– Francine B.


9. You learn something new.

” I always learn something new, and it’s so much fun seeing the growth and sense of accomplishment the boys have! The fact that its a week out of the office is a bonus!”

– Barbara P.


10. You don’t have to be at the office.

“Can’t beat the view: Scouts having fun among the trees and mountains versus a computer telling you when you have to be at the next meeting.”

– Krystal L.

“A bad day camping is better than a good day at work. No ifs, ands or buts about it.”

– Jerry J.

“I don’t have to make copies.”

– Jack M.

What do you think?

What makes a week (or weekend) at Scout summer camp better than time spent at the office? Keep it going in the comments.

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