Eagle Scout and survival expert hosts ‘Fat Guys in the Woods’ on The Weather Channel

Survival expert and TV host Creek Stewart’s story began, as many do, in the pages of Boys’ Life magazine.

The Eagle Scout was a budding survival expert in the late 1990s. He had written a survival booklet, printed at a local Kinko’s, in which he divulged “amazing ‘hidden secrets’ about rugged wilderness survival.”

He had the expertise; he just needed interested readers. So how did Creek find them?

“I did what any self-respecting Boy Scout would do,” Creek says. “I took out an ad in the back of Boys’ Life.”

Creek’s survival prowess has only grown since appearing in that February 1998 issue (see the ad below). It started with the Wilderness Survival merit badge, earned at Maumee Scout Reservation in Indiana, and has led him to national prominence and his own TV show.

Speaking of, it’s time to set your DVR. Season 2 of Fat Guys in the Woods premieres at 9 p.m. (Eastern) on Sunday, June 7.

A true Eagle Scout

Creek is both a fan and a friend of Scouting.

He tells anyone who will listen how the BSA helped guide his life.

He spoke at a sold-out breakfast at last month’s National Annual Meeting in Atlanta, even doing a last-minute audible and delivering an inspiring keynote address when the scheduled speaker couldn’t show.

He signed autographs inside the exhibit hall for as long as the demand required.

He’s a great ambassador for Scouting, and that’s why I’ll be tuning in on Sunday to watch Fat Guys in the Woods. Well, that and because it’s an awesome hour of TV that could save your life.

Fat Guys in the Woods

Each week on Fat Guys in the Woods, Creek takes a new set of three average Joes into the wilderness with limited supplies.

These men have real struggles in their lives, and Creek helps them work through these challenges in his unique way.

The wild is Creek’s classroom, and he helps the guys learn the art and science of outdoor survival while battling the threats of Mother Nature. They’ll fight against the elements. They’ll eat cactuses and scorpions and tarantulas. They’ll grow as individuals and as a team.

And you, the viewer at home, will learn something and be wildly entertained.

When: Season 2 premieres Sunday, June 7 at 9 p.m. (EST) and runs every Sunday at 9 p.m. through July 26.

Where: The Weather Channel

How to connect: Find the show on Facebook and Twitter.

Video interview with Creek

I sat down with Creek at the National Eagle Scout Association booth last week, and we made this video. He discusses the show, summer camp and whether wilderness survival still has a place in our modern society.

Creek’s ad in Boys’ Life



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