2017 National Jamboree registration now open for staff and attendees

2017-jamboree-logoWhere can you get the best of Scouting in one place?

At the 2017 National Jamboree, set for July 19 to 28, 2017.

Jamborees are one of the Boy Scouts of America’s coolest traditions. They’ve been around since 1937, and they just get better every four years.

Jamborees are a place to make new friends, to experience adrenaline-raising activities, to attend high-energy stadium shows, to trade patches with Scouts from across the country, to explore the stunning high-adventure playground called the Summit Bechtel Reserve and to unite with tens of thousands of fellow Scouts and Scouters.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend or serve on staff at every jamboree since 1997. I’d say that at least six or seven of my Top 10 Scouting experiences happened at jamborees.

With that in mind, this news is worth sharing: 2017 National Jamboree registration is now open. Get ready, because 2017 will be here before you can say “Live Scouting’s Adventure.”

Who is eligible to attend?

Most Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers and adult leaders are eligible to experience the unforgettable excitement of the 2017 National Jamboree.

For Scouts, you must be a First Class Scout and at least 12 years old by the first day of the Jamboree (July 19, 2017) or an 11-year-old who has graduated the sixth grade.

A boy born on or before July 19, 2005, will be 12 by jamboree time.

There’s an upper limit, too. To be a Boy Scout participant, you can’t have reached your 18th birthday by the last day of the Jamboree (July 28, 2017).

If your Scout will be too old, he could consider serving on staff.

Go here for more eligibility requirements for participants, including Venturers.

Who is eligible to be on staff?

Serving on staff is a rewarding experience that lets you help make a young man or young woman’s jamboree experience one they’ll never forget. It’s not all work, though. You’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the jamboree fun.

Go here for eligibility requirements for staff.

How much does it cost?

These are the participant fees. Your council may roll in transportation costs, gear costs, and additional pre- or post-jamboree tours that would increase the fee.

Youth participants: $975
Unit leaders ages 18-25 through July 18, 2017: $487.50, after which the fee for all adult leaders becomes that for 26+ indicated below
Unit leaders age 26+: $975

These are the staff fees. Staff are expected to provide their own transportation to the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Session 1 (July 15-29, 2017) — Full jamboree
Session 2 (July 15-22, 2017) — First half
Session 3 (July 22-29, 2017) — Second half
Fees are structured to support these three sessions.

Staff fees for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree will be as follows:

For staff ages 16-25 through July 18, 2017:

Session 1 (July 15-29, 2017) $425
Session 2 (July 15-22, 2017) $425
Session 3 (July 22-29, 2017) $425

For staff ages 26+ on or after July 19, 2017:

Session 1 (July 15-29, 2017) $850
Session 2 (July 15-22, 2017) $425
Session 3 (July 22-29, 2017) $425

How do I register?

There are two basic ways to experience a jamboree, and both are great. You can attend as a youth or adult participant, or you can serve on staff.

Either way, you’re guaranteed the time of your life.

Registration happens electronically. Go here and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll just need to link your BSA membership to your Summit account. To do so you’ll need your last name, date of birth and BSA member ID number.

If you’re registering as a participant (youth or adult), you’ll print your “Request to Attend Form” upon completion of the application. Parents, fill that out and take it to your local council for the next step.

What’s a jamboree troop?

Your council will help you find a jamboree troop, which is different from your regular troop but may be composed of some or all of the members of your regular troop.

Jamboree troops include 36 Scouts or Venturers and four adults. (Yes, Venturers, including female Venturers, are invited.)

Let’s say your troop has 36 Scouts who want to attend the 2017 National Jamboree. Those 36 would comprise one jamboree troop. Or maybe your troop has 10 Scouts who want to go. Those 10 would be matched with 26 Scouts from other home troops to form a jamboree troop. Perhaps your Scout is the only one from his troop who can attend the jamboree. No problem! He’ll join 35 fellow Scouts for an awesome time at the jamboree.

No matter how a troop is formed, lifetime friendships will develop within and between troops.

What’s new for staff?

Here’s what the SBR team says will be different for staff at the 2017 National Jamboree:

Transportation: Staff transportation will be enhanced. Assuming a reasonable level of fitness, no staff member will be required to walk longer than 30 minutes between their place of lodging and their assigned work station.

Time off:  Sufficient staff will be recruited and schedules developed to ensure staff members receive at least the equivalent of one full day off during the jamboree. Staff work hours will allow them the opportunity to visit and enjoy other areas of the jamboree outside their assigned work area. Provisions will be made for those desiring to explore the local area surrounding the jamboree during their day off.

Communications: A robust communications strategy will be developed and executed to keep staff members informed from the date they register as a staff member through the last day of the jamboree.

Lunch: We will make modifications to enhance the number and variety of lunch choices consistent with the requirement to maintain a “shelf stable” lunch menu given the demands of the site. We will provide supplemental items for our staff members in the more active program areas to ensure an appropriate level of caloric content for their anticipated level of activity.

Lodging: While capacity constraints of The Summit prevent the offering of two-person tent accommodations, staff members will be provided the opportunity to preselect their tentmates up to one month prior to the jamboree.

Staff Village: The staff village(s) will be designed to provide an area in which staff members can relax, recreate, and refresh themselves in the company of other staff members. Retail food and beverage stands will be incorporated in this design as well as an area for athletic competition.

Showers: We will explore options to increase water temperature; however, any solution will have to be consistent with our sustainability focus of conserving water and energy.

Laundry service: Laundry service will continue to be available for staff members desiring it.

Staff photos: Official staff photos of individual teams will be taken and staff members will have the opportunity to purchase photos of their choosing.

Learn more

Check out the official jamboree site for more details and get ready to Live Scouting’s Adventure!

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