‘Lizard Bites,’ new travel book written by a Distinguished Eagle Scout, might save your life

LizardBitesBooks-JpgAs a Distinguished Eagle Scout, Michael J. Manyak knows a thing or two about being prepared.

He’s turned those skills into a career in medicine, specifically expedition medicine.

He’s such an authority on preventing and treating travel emergencies, in fact, that he has consulted the National Geographic Society, USA Today, the Peace Corps and NASA on the very subject.

Now, with his new book Lizard Bites & Street Riots — Travel Emergencies and Your Health, Safety, and Security, Manyak shares those lifesaving lessons with the public.

Think of it as a reference book for the worst that life can throw at you while you’re away from home. I’m talking abdominal pain, bedbugs, civil unrest, insect and spider bites, hypothermia and frostbite, Ebola and viral diseases, wild-animal bites, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, airline hijackings, taxi fraud, theft, lost documents, and so much more.

There’s a reason BSA president and former defense secretary Robert M. Gates says to “stow this book in your carry-on luggage.” When you need it, you really need it.

The hardcover book is available now for $22.95 at ScoutStuff.org. And, according to the Huffington Post, this is ” … a travel book that might just save your life.”

Meet Dr. Manyak at the National Annual Meeting

If you’ll be at the National Annual Meeting next month in Atlanta, you can get your copy of Lizard Bites signed by the author. He’ll be at the Supply booth from 10 to 11 a.m. on May 21.

Learn more about Lizard Bites

Learn more at the book’s official website and buy it at ScoutStuff.org.

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