Eagle Scout and Hornaday Award recipient Robert Marks is in Antarctica right now

Robert MarksRobert Marks has gone from the top of the Scouting world to the bottom of the actual world.

Marks is the latest Eagle Scout to represent the Boy Scouts of America as a member of Expedition 2041, a scientific expedition to Antarctica.

He’s there now, and you can learn more about his trip in several places: on the BSA’s Green to Deep Green blog, where he posts regular updates; on Scouting Newsroom, where you’ll find a nice overview of his trip; or on the official website of Expedition 2041.

Marks must have been a pretty easy selection for this trip, in which 75 participants from 24 countries head to the Antarctic Peninsula to research its ecology, wildlife and the importance of renewable energy in shaping the future of Antarctica.

That’s because Marks’ Scouting résumé includes the Hornaday Award Silver Medal, the toughest of the three Hornaday award levels available.

Since its inception, roughly 1,100 Hornaday Award have been awarded. That’s about 11 a year. But keep in mind that 1,100 number includes all three levels of the award: the Hornaday Badge, the Hornaday Bronze Medal and the Hornaday Silver Medal.

In other words, the Hornaday Silver Medal could be the rarest award in Scouting.

And Marks has earned it, something that makes him understandably proud in the award’s 100th anniversary.

“I am very proud to be one of the few who have earned the Silver Medal and extremely excited to be chosen to represent the Boy Scouts of America celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Hornaday Awards,” Marks told Scouting Newsroom.

“The award is important to me personally because I have chosen to dedicate my life working to save our planet’s ecosystem, and the Hornaday Award represents several invaluable learning experiences and significant accomplishments.”

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