Update to Camp Scout app makes it easy to share your favorite camps

Scouting-apps---camp-scoutCamp Scout, the free camp-finding app from Boys’ Life, keeps getting better and better.

More local council camps are being added all the time, and this week brings an exciting update to this essential Scouting tool.

Camp Scout app version 1.0.2 adds social-sharing features that make sending info about your favorite camps to fellow Scouters and Scouts a breeze.

The app uses the same sharing interface as your other favorite apps, so there’s zero learning curve. See a cool council camp your senior patrol leader should know about? Email it to him with a couple of taps. It’s so easy.

The other big change simplifies the feedback process. Maybe you want to leave a comment about the app. Or perhaps you see an inaccurate or missing piece of information about one of your favorite council camps. Either way, simply tap the speech bubble at the bottom of the screen to send your message directly to the Camp Scout app team.

This feedback helps make the Camp Scout app an even better resource for Scouts and Scout volunteers.


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As always, Camp Scout is a free download on iOS devices. Click here on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to download Camp Scout on the App Store.

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Want a sense of what the app offers? Read my overview from last year.

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  1. P.S. Yes, I’m aware of the funny timing of this post about the Camp Scout app on the same day as my earlier post about the “There Is No App for This” T-shirt. 🙂

    • Who downvotes this? If there was only an Android version, we would say we need an iPhone version too, so we were fair to everyone. Just Wow.

  2. Do you get the hint that you continue to promote only iOS apps? seriously, are you getting paid by apple? More people run Android than Apple. This is embarrassing.

    • I addressed this in my initial review of Camp Scout. I said:

      Why iOS instead of Android? I’m told that as a nonprofit organization, the BSA had to choose the platform with the best economic efficiencies. A free app for users isn’t free for the folks creating it.

      Still, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of an Android version in the future. For now, I’m betting someone in your Scout unit has an iPhone and can pull up the app when it’s time to pick a camp.

      • Wouldn’t the platform with the best economic efficiencies be web-based access to the database’s content via scouting.org (or boyslife.org or scoutingmagazine.org)…then everyone could get camp info… iOS, Android, PC, whatever!

      • All the leaders on our campouts have Android phones. Stating, “I’m betting someone in your Scout unit has an iPhone” is not a sufficient answer, and honestly, a bit irresponsible coming from the BSA. What happened to “BE PREPARED”? Should I also place my bets that someone else has a first aid kit when a Scout injures himself? Or that, someone else brought the food? or the water? or the tent? Being prepared, means preparing for all situations. And in this situation, we don’t have an iPhone.

        Yes, I know there are other ways to get the info we need online. I just think that statement was a brushoff to android users. The BSA marketing team should really consider who they’re catering too, not just who their sponsors are. There’s no reason they can’t come up with an Android version for the other 50% of Scouts who use Android. Until we can see the numbers behind these “economic efficiencies” (and even then, don’t the pros for dual platforms outweigh the cons?), I don’t think most people can accept this pocket answer. Sorry.

  3. Too bad I can’t get it on my Galaxy. Oh, it’s not an iWhatever. This app looks great but is worthless since I can’t get it on an Android os.

  4. If it were developed for Window, you could have access to it on a laptop (more efficent than huddling around the only IPhone in the group) and it would have been an easy transition to a Windows Phone App too. Not everybody drinks the IPhone koolaid

  5. Two years ago (2013) our youth elected to attend summer camp 2014 somewhere else besides our local Occoneechee Council Camp Durant. So, I did a Google search for “BSA camps in NC” and “BSA Councils in NC” and gave them a list of results to choose from. The list provided a breakdown of program not amenities as compared to Camp Durant. So they had no clue if the messhall had A/C, or the toilet/showers were modern or simply drop toilets and rustic showers, because to the Leaders the program is what is important, not the amenities. Given the choices they chose East Carolina Council’s Camp Boddie based on the program and different MBs available and they had a blast. That said, I found out later that I had missed several other good camps in NC because they didn’t show up in my search, one of which was Camp Barnhardt in the Central NC Council.
    While this app sounds good (Need Android version) it looks like everything is based on user input and feedback. So as with any database the results are only as good as the input.
    What I would like to see is a website created at the National with a map of the world. Then say a leader in NC your Scouts want to go to summer camp in CO. So you click on that world map and it breaks everything up into regions and shows the overseas Councils as well. Then you click on that region and it is the broken up into the areas, and then the areas break up into the Councils, and then I click on that Council close to where I want to go and I get the Council website and all their camp information. This would be awesome vs. having to Google “BSA camps in Colorado” or “BSA Councils in Colorado” and hope the results show all the camp or councils. A simple map broken down the way I describe, maybe with pin marks for all the camps (To include Philmont, NT, FL Seabase, and the Summit) would be the ultimate way to find BSA camps and get linked in to that Council’s/camp website and data.

    • Yes, please! It would make so much sense to have a master camp list. I can’t imagine why something like this does not currently exist. We would like to be able to search for camps supporting Patrol Method cooking. Troops look for things that speak to their unique group of boys and sometimes want to visit new areas of the country.

      I hope other Scouters think this would be helpful.

  6. Rather than keeping all the info locked up in an app-only access, why not do what the BSA has just recently done with their PatchScan app database and allow web-access to the data through a simple internet browser too?

  7. This wouldn’t be a problem if the BSA adopted the same thinking as the designers of Scoutbook. Come up with a mobile friendly web site that provides all of the functionality for any device.

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