Does your troop wear Scout neckerchiefs?

Tuesday-TalkbackScout neckerchiefs are not required for wear with the Boy Scout uniform.

That said, those triangles of fabric sure can make a sharply dressed troop look even better.

The Guide to Awards and Insignia confirms that Boy Scout neckerchiefs are optional, and it dictates that troops (read: the boys, not the adults) vote on whether to wear a neckerchief. Majority rules here, and everyone in the troop should abide by the winning decision. Uniforms should be uniform, after all.

The Scouts can decide what color the neckerchief should be and what embroidery and logos it will contain. A number of official BSA licensees, including the BSA’s Supply Group, offer custom neckerchiefs for purchase.

What I’m interested in for today’s Tuesday Talkback is whether your troop wears Scout neckerchiefs. If so, what do they look like? How did your troop come to this decision? And if you don’t wear them, why not?

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What the Guide to Awards and Insignia says

Boy Scout neckerchiefs are optional. Troops choose their own official neckerchief. All members of a troop wear the same color. The troop decides by vote, and all members abide by the decision. If the neckerchief is not worn, then the shirt is worn with open collar. Boy Scout and Boy Scout leader neckerchiefs may be worn in a variety of plain colors and contrasting borders.

Neckerchiefs available through the Supply Group include the embroidered universal Scouting emblem if permanent press, or printed if not. Local councils may prescribe that the specific official neckerchief be worn by Boy Scouts and Scouters on a council or district basis. The neckerchief is worn only with the official uniform and never with T-shirts or civilian clothing.

Special neckerchiefs, the same size as the official ones, may be authorized by local councils. Such neckerchiefs may include identification of the chartered organization. The standard designed neckerchief may be personalized with troop number, city, and state. By troop approval, an Eagle Scout may wear an Eagle Scout neckerchief.


What about Cub Scouts?

Here’s what the Guide to Awards and Insignia says:

Tiger Cub neckerchiefs are orange and blue. Cub Scout neckerchiefs are gold with blue border for boys working in the Wolf Handbook and light blue with dark blue border for boys working in the Bear Handbook.

The universal Cub Scout emblem is displayed in a central position on the downward corner. Cub Scout leaders may wear the blue and gold Cub Scout leader’s neckerchief. Webelos Scouts wear the gold, green, and red plaid neckerchief with the Webelos emblem on the downward corner. A Webelos leader wears a neckerchief similar to the Webelos Scout neckerchief, except that it has gold embroidered edging and is larger.

For discussion

  • Does your unit wear Scout neckerchiefs? Why or why not?
  • How’d you make this decision?
  • What about neckerchief slides?
  • Are you an “over the collar” or “under the collar” unit?

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